Everything points out the possibility that Cohen’s book, Forget the First Million, has resonated with small businesses across the globe, beating books like Anne Boden (CEO of Starling Bank), Tony Robbins (motivational speaker), and even international bestseller Eric Ries, author of the famous book The Lean Startup to bag the number 1 Amazon bestseller status in five various categories on 18th February 2022. Lucy Cohen is Welsh entrepreneur and writer. Her book  has defied the odds to rank ahead of the above-mentioned books and become one of the surprise hits we have seen in recent times.

Forget the First Million was released in January 2022 with a central aim of communicating to the readers how to build businesses that create happiness for the owner rather than a return  of a mere cold hard cash. Cohen is a Co-Founder of Accounting firm, Mazuma Money. 

Cohen laments about the founders’ obsession with money, she says “In the 15 years I have been in business, I have seen an obsessive focus on making money at all costs,” She added that “Never mind the toll it takes on your mental health, your physical health, and your relationships, if you’ve got money then you’ve made it.”

“I’m calling time on being miserable running a business,” she says.

“Let’s focus on creating sustainable happiness, and the rest will follow.”

As far as running a small business is concerned, Cohen can be considered an expert majorly because of the experience working for over 15 years with small and micro businesses. Her book, despite its focus on creating happiness for the founders rather than just earning cash, is nonetheless jam-packed with practical business advice.

When asked about her journey she jokes about how, when she first started Mazuma Money, she’d dread going for meetings in coffee shops.

Cohen jokes about how, when she first started Mazuma Money, she’d dread going for meetings in coffee shops when she was asked about her journey. She says “I couldn’t afford to buy anyone a coffee. I was so embarrassed”.

But 15 years later, and after surviving life-threatening blood clots in 2021, Cohen is focused on living a life centred around fulfilment, purpose, and happiness.

But fifteen years later, and after after surviving a deadly blood clot in 2021, Cohen is determined to live a life centred around fulfilment, purpose, and happiness

“If you’re not happy, then what’s the point?” she shrugs.

“I love what I do and the balance it brings me in life, so I wanted to share what I had learned with other small businesses. The old business books lied to you. It’s not about the hustle and the grind, it’s about having a purpose.”

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