Positive Attitude to work
Positive Attitude to work

There’s no question about it. Everyone has some form of bad habit or the other but how can these habits be controlled especially, at the work place where you need to earn a living?

Self control and a good attitude is very important in order to maintain a good working environment. How productive are you? Does your employer gain maximum output from your employment? Is your CV a perfect mirror of you? These are questions that you must ask yourself and if they all slide towards a negative direction, you just might be out of the job faster than when you got it.

What are the bad working habits that could cost employees their jobs? If any of the following habits reflects in your attitude as an employee, you just might want to consider readjustments so as to save you from getting fired.

Lack Of Efficiency
What ever you do , always be punctual in your reaction time to tasks that have been assigned to you. Time means money in any business organization and efficiency is the key to gaining customers. Inefficiency also means a disorganized schedule for such an employee. No employer would be able to tolerate such an attitude to work.

Not being efficient or punctual is a very negative behavior and a real bad behavior as an employee. No employer can entertain slow and sluggish attitude within a working environment. You might just kiss your job good when there are slight readjustments to the company’s workforce.

Improper Manners

Like initially stated,good attitude is everything within your working environment and also between the company-customers relationship. A good attitude towards everyone around you naturally stirs attraction and a bad attitude would repel colleagues and customers away from you. With such an attitude to life in the work place, job termination might just be the next option from employers.

Have good communication with everyone. It’s the most important tool for a positive relationship anywhere.

Bad Temper
A bad temper sums up a quick exit. No one would be able to work with a temperamental individual who send out all forms of tantrums at the slightest opportunity when he/she is upset.

Self control is extremely important when in a working environment. Loosing your temper could be an automatic indication that you cannot work with other individual or under pressure.

Attitude Of The Lone Wolf
Employees who think they can work alone isn’t the best way to go about doing things in a working environment. Independence in a work place isn’t bad but work has to be done more efficiently and that requires an efficient chain of team work.

Be a good team player and you will definitely have the admiration and support of your colleagues. An individual who prefers to work alone would risk getting fired when he/she cannot efficiently provide results that would need teaming up with colleagues for maximum output.

Poor Communication Skills/ Wrong Grammar

Using slang at the work place , poor grammar and profane unofficial language, lessens professionalism. You are not at a home, a party or a bar. Always be official at a working environment.

Not Thinking Before Speaking
This is one of the quickest ways people lose their jobs. Inappropriate language to a superior or a colleague without being matured by considering the consequences could amount one to lose his or her job.


This is the lazy man’s syndrome to a working life. A procrastination that is detected in any company would quickly get fired. No company of any form of working organization would be able to tolerate such an attitude to work. Incomplete work is what employers hate most. Scrub that laziness out of you,get the work done or get fired.

Lying Attitude

An employee with the habit of telling lies, when detected would get fired. A working environment cannot be conducive for individuals who cannot mirror their resume. All employers need reliable employees they can depend on to get a task done with or without supervision.

Lying is the fastest way to end a career. Always be truthful.
These are some basic negative habits that could lead to loss of ones job at the workplace. Be a good team player, avoid lies and procrastination and you will always climb the ladder to the top of your career.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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