Mrs Somebody Review
Mrs Somebody Review

This comedic movie stars; Uche Jombo Rodriguez , Yemi Blaq, Barbara Soky, Kenneth Okolie, Bobby Obodo, Belinda Effah, and other great Nollywood acts.
A funny movie directed by Desmond Elliot and Tom Robson which depicts the sad state of our society today at which single women have become extremely desperate just to put a ring on their fingers due to societal discrimination. Marriage should be seen as a choice and not a compulsory engagement, that an individual must follow through with in life.

The movie focus on the life of a 33-year-old woman Kaira played by Uche Jombo Rodriguez who is desperate to get to the alter, and when she gets the news from her 35-year-old boyfriend that such dream of hers will never happen, she gets even more desperate and sees her present condition as a spiritual attack from her enemies.
This movie touches all aspects of marriage, relationships, desperation, discrimination of women who are not yet married, pressure, and money. Marriage should indeed be a joyful experience and not a bitter pill to swallow, and it was all displayed by the actors and actresses who properly played their roles by interpreting their scripts perfectly.

This movie should be rated as one of the best movies ever to be produced in Nigeria. Though the usual Nigerian movies still need more work to be done especially in makeup. The movie made one feel like Kaira was under a lot of pressure to get married but really , no character was putting any pressure on her, rather she was putting pressure on herself.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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