Doctor Bello
Doctor Bello

This movie is written, produced and. directed by: Tony Abulu
•Isaiah Washington,
•Genevieve Nnaji,
•Stephanie Okereke,
• Jimmy Jean
•Vivica A Fox,
• Rachel Oniga,
• Ebbe Bassey,
•Evan Brinkman

If you are tired of the regular Nollywood fictitious and fetish tales in movie, this movie will shockingly grip your mind. This is obviously an international cast. Nollywood is not taking a bow.

The story tells a very emotional tale of a cancer specialist doctor Micheal Durant played by Isaiah Washington who is obsessed about saving the son of a rich Jewish couple called Sam.

Micheal Durant is desperate to find a cure to Sam’s ailment as he is haunted constantly by his son’s death who also died of this same disease. Worse of all , he is blamed by is wife played by Vivica Fox for causing the death of their 10-year-old daughter.

Durant is extremely desperate and Sam’s health takes a turn for the worse. He meets a very dubious Nigerian nurse (Genevieve Nnaji)who introduces him to a quack doctor called Doctor Bello who in fact makes Doctor Durant’s life turn into an even darker twist and struggle as there never seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.

American actor Isaiah Washington mirrored his role perfectly. Genevieve who played the nurse and guide has always been beautifully talented though her role didn’t look that challenging. Vivica Fox challenged herself as she played the wife of Doctor Durant. She constantly nagged and grieved about their dead daughter which was touching.

It is always nice to see such combination of Nigerian actors emulating professionalism. The was also quite a mixture of accents due to a different race casted for this movie which might seem foreign to Nigerian viewers, but generally it was superb.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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