Truly a Nigerian movie adaptation which was written , produced , and directed by Chikere Guide

Angela Okorie – Olivia
Nonso Diobi – Rex
Fred Peters – Saberstine
Ndidi Izuka – Young Olivia
Ejike Chinedu – Prof
Chikere Guide – Stanley
Tissy Nnachi – Dan
Amaka Ike – Young Martina
Anita Joseph – Martina

Mid Night Confession
Nollywood Movie Review – Mid Night Confession

Angela Okorie plays the role of Olivia who is secretive and keeps a very implicating secret from her husband Rex played by Nonso Diobi.
Her past haunts her : she was extremely dubious in the past as she ruined a mans life and made away with his hard earning of 3 million Naira. He finally tracks her down and is on a pay back mission, demanding triple his loss ;9 million Naira plus and extra interest of 1 million Naira.

What must Olivia do to rid herself of the shame so as for her husband not to discover her fraudulent past?

Find out her past secrets as Olivia seems to have a lot of skeletons hidden not just in her cupboard alone. Not the usual Nollywood story.

Quite an average movie for viewers who wish to while away a boring day.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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