Married But Single
Married But Single

Quiet an interesting movie on the ups and downs of marriage and relationships which stars:

•Joke Silva,
•Kalejaiye Adeboye Paul,
•Tina Mba,
•Funke Akindele,
•Joseph Benjamin ,

and a host of prominent Nollywood stars that made the movie fun to watch indeed.

This movie was actually inspired by a book written by Pastor Femi Faseru which also shares the same title. It is a true blend of the Nigerian lifestyle which puts to focus a lot of issues that are ignored constantly in the Nigerian society.
This story centers around the lives of two distinct couples that have challenges with their relationships. Patrick, played by Kalejaiye Adeboye Paul is a jealous and physically abusive partner who’s aim is to dominate his wife Lola played by Yemi Remi. He makes her feel totally inferior in their relationship. Despite this abusive facts , she tries to conceal the bruises and the scars from friends and family members, just to save her marriage to Patrick.
Ironically another couple ,Mike has a problem controlling his wife’s attitude to life as she seems to careless about family responsibilities and care more for career. Kate played by Funke Akindele is Mike’s wife. She is deluded to believing that career is everything as she tries to impress her zealous Boss played by Joke Silva. Things take a turn for the worse when suddenly, her husband falls terminally ill with cancer of the lungs due to his prolonged smoking habit.
Although film critics might find the movie looking biased and centered more on the trials of women, the movie seems balanced in terms of general relationship issues affecting the African and Nigerian couples. The movie depicts the truth which is , women are the most affected in relationships.

Nice act from all the actors and actress. Truly and inspiring story that has been well rendered from its original book adaptation, to fit into a movie so that viewers can visualize the challenges facing relationships and marriage as a whole.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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