One lucky winner will receive 10,000 Naira and 2 runners-up will receive 5,000 Naira each in our local picture plus story competition. It is simple to participate”

How Do I Join?
If you want to join the contest, simply contact the Haba Naija Team with your name and email address and we will create a page for you on Haba Naija. Your picture and story will be uploaded under your name.

And Then What?
And then you will be given a unique URL for your story which you must promote in social media, the social media promotion of your page is a very important part of the contest. The person which the best social media saturation and picture plus story win N10,000. The two best after the winner win N5,000 each.

Win 10,000 Naira

What Sort Of Picture & Story Do You Require?
– The picture must be a picture taken by you.
– The picture must not be edited
– It can be a picture of anything in your local area.

You can see and example picture and story here.

Who Decides The Winners
The winner and runners-up will be chosen by Haba Naija Forum Administrator Bubemi and Haba Naija Site Admin Zina Kaja.

What If I Need Help
If you need help with any part of the contest or at any time, you can simply contact us or visit the contest section of Haba Forum to discuss whatever problems you have.

When Will The Winner Be Announced
The winner of the contest will be announced on the 30th of September, the prizes will be disbursed within 5 working days of the announcement.

Rules & Additional Information
You can post up to 3 stories and pictures
Stories much be a minimum of 100 words, no maximum number of words
Stories should be in standard English, or Pidgin English but not text slangs such as dat instead of that
Pictures must not be modified

More Examples

What Next?
What Next?

Read the story here.


By Haba Naija Admin

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