Award winning maker of all-protective cases for smartphones and tablets, LifeProof, has recently announced the company’s new accessories for iPhone 5 and its LifeProof cases. These new accessories give users the ability to take their iPhone 5 everywhere without worry, according to LifeProof.

LifeProof Bike and Bar Mount

The bike and bar mount accessory by LifeProof gives the user the ability to take their iPhone 5 with them while riding a bike or motorcycle, using a jet ski, travelling with a grocery cart, using gym equipment, etc. The LifeProof bike and bar mount accessory not only allows the user to keep their iPhone 5 close, but it also allows the smartphone to keep tabs of the user’s performance (eg. performance application), allows them to listen to music on the phone, record what they see, and update them with the right route using GPS. The gadget will set the buyer back $39.99 US.

( Picture of the LifeProof bike and bar mount accessory and the iPhone 5 )

LifeProof Car Mount

The LifeProof car mount accessory is priced at $39.99 US, and aims at keeping drivers using their smartphones legally while driving.

“Sure, your iPhone 5 is a mobile phone, but if a cop glimpses you going mobile behind the wheel – welcome to ticket city. And, not even Siri can talk you out of that one. So when you drive, drive legal with the LifeProof Car Mount for the frē iPhone 5 Case. That way, your hands stay free, your iPhone 5 stays rooted and your driving record stays clean.”

( Picture of the LifeProof car mount accessory and the iPhone 5 )

LifeProof LifeJacket

The LifeJacket accessory by LifeProof was designed to be similar to a real lifejacket used by humans. The accessory is designed to keep the iPhone 5 buoyant and afloat while in water, and features a wrist strap and quick-release attachment points for a hands free experience. The accessory surrounds the LifeProof case for the iPhone 5, providing enhanced shock protection if the phone falls in water. Of course, the accessory only protects the phone if dropped in water up to 20 feet. The LifeJacket can be used in rivers, baths, or at a dock by the bay, according to LifeProof, and only costs $39.99 US.

( Picture of the LifeProof LifeJacket accessory and the iPhone 5 )

Note : do not expose the LifeJacket to temperatures greater than 60°C / 140°F.

LifeProof Armband

The LifeProof armband is priced at $49.99 US, and can be used to strap the iPhone 5 to the user’s arm. According to LifeProof, users can take their iPhone 5 to the following places below while using the armband to keep the phone close :

  • A trip down the road.
  • Swimming in the pool.
  • while training at the gym.
  • surfing with friends at the beach.
  • sliding down slopes.
  • playing a game of tennis at the court.

( Picture of the LifeProof armband accessory and the iPhone 5 )

LifeProof Belt Clip

The belt clip accessory by LifeProof will only set buyers back by $29.99 US, while giving them the ability to clip their iPhone 5 case by their side for quick access to the phone. The accessory was built from a honeycomb-molded nylon material, and comes with two clip sizes. One clip measures 1.5-inches and the other, 2-inches. The 1.5-inch clip is designed for “normal” everyday belts, while the 2-inch clip is designed for utility belts used by military, police officers, construction workers, high-plains drifters, etc.

( Picture of the LifeProof belt clip accessory )