Letters To My Mother - Movie Review
Letters To My Mother – Movie Review

A 2013 movie which was written and directed by Daniel Amanfo and Produced by Kufui Danku. An interesting Ghollywood movie which features a host of very prominent Ghanian Actors and Actresses staring:
•John Dumelo as Mike
•Kafui Danku as Angie
•Adjetey Annang as Dr. Jammal
•Roselyn Ngissah as Lucy
•Eddy Watson as Kay
•Paulina Oduro as Maybel
•Solomon Sampa as Priest
•Ambruce Freeman as Tim

This movie is dramatically surrounded by thrills of mystery. It surround the life of a man named Mike played by John Dumelo who happens to be in a psychiatric hospital. Mike has never spoken to anyone for 5 years but there are messages written on the wall and litters of papers covered in letters that were written to his mum.

The Doctor played by Adjetey Annang as Dr. Jammal is looking to unravel the mystery which surrounds Mike’s past. There are several flash backs that takes everyone back in time to pick the pieces of Mike’s life and solve the riddle that put him in such a state of miscalculated predicament.

The story surrounds deceit and lack of trust among individuals who should be loving and trusting one another. Humans can be demented and this movie displays the unnatural capability which a man can put himself through when pushed to the edge of the wall.

This is a good movie recommended to all. A creative story line that viewers don’t get to see everyday. This isn’t like the regular African movies and the writer deserves a pat on the back for such an outstanding display of creative writing. It takes us into the lives of the mentally ill individuals and how they cope with their deluded life in another mental dimension.

Perfect interpretation of characters from the actors and actresses ,as they took up the challenge to prove that they can push themselves beyond acting the regular African story lines.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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