Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is medically known as Gastric cancer. It is estimated to be the cause of about 800,000 deaths worldwide annually. Stomach cancer affects the stomach which is located very close to the ribs at the upper zone of the body’s abdomen.

Stomach cancer can take its origin from any part of the stomach and spread to any part of the body , but it mostly spreads towards the gullet, which is the connection between the mouth and the stomach within the digestive system.

Cancer researchers don’t know what exactly cause this type of cancer but a list of probable risk factors have been detailed, such as;

•low vegetable and fruit diet.
•exposure to toxic chemicals used in the processing of lead and rubber.
•previous stomach surgery
•eating preserved foods such as dried, salted and smoked foods.
•alcohol and cigarette intake

Not knowing what causes stomach cancer makes prevention difficult. The best precaution to take is leading a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and good eating habits.

It’s also advice able to detect symptoms quiet early and visit a doctor when the body doesn’t feel alright such as;

•loss of appetite
•general body weakness
•constipation or diarrhea
•bloated stomach after meals
•weight loss

Advanced stages of stomach cancer would severely affect normal activities of affected individuals daily life. It is best advised to visit a medical specialist if any of these symptoms are detected so as to commence with an early diagnosis and treatment.

Complications usually arise from surgery when the affected section of the stomach is removed, which can lead to digestive and nutritional problems. There is also a possible recurrence of the cancer even after treatment and surgery. It is therefore advisable to live right and do follow-up assessments to monitor the body’s progress after treatment , so as to ensure continual good health.