Keloids Free Skin

Keloids Free Skin

By definition, the word keloid refers to a type of scar tissue that is irregular in nature and very prominent at the site of injury. These pieces of scar tissue materialize as bumps, and these bumps are sometimes seen after a person has been scratched or cut. These bumps can continue to grow long after the injury has healed and they can become rather large and unsightly. You should also be aware that sometimes keloids can develop on the skin without any previous injury.

Keloids are genetic in nature, and there are not any foreseeable preventative measures at the cellular level that can be taken so they do not develop. Intense genetic study will need to occur before researchers can determine how and why they form.

Nigerian Women and the History of Keloids

Keloids are usually found in women that are of African descent. This means that Nigerian, other African, African-American, and Caribbean women are all prone to developing keloids. Keloids can also form in women of Asian and Indian descent. Caucasian women are least susceptible to developing keloids. If you have a lot of people in your family that have keloids, you have a greater chance of getting them too.

African history is rich in historical information about keloids. It has been widely believed that the development of keloids have been passed down the generations. The theory goes further by saying that African men would scar their bodies so keloids would develop. The keloids would provide the men with a layer of natural protection to protect their bodies from pain. This was also known to take place during certain ceremonies or certain times of the year.

How to Prevent Keloids

There are few things that you can do to permanently eliminate the risk of developing keloids, but there is one thing that you can do to reduce the development of one. If you have a deep scratch or cut that may require a physician’s treatment, do not hesitate to go to the doctor. Any scratch or cut that is deep enough will need to be stitched. An open wound that is only covered by a bandage can develop keloids especially if the wound becomes infected.

How to Treat Keloids

You do not have to worry that any keloid development on your body will put your health or life at risk. Keloids are only unpleasant to look at, and most women will want them removed for cosmetic reasons.

There are several ways to treat a keloid, but you should be aware that cutting a keloid to remove it is only temporary. A keloid can grow back, and sometimes that are much bigger than they were originally. But, there are other things that a doctor can do to effectively remove or reduce the appearance of a keloid:

  • The keloid can be injected with steroids.
  • The combination of steroid injections and surgery.
  • The combination of surgery and radiation.
  • Steroid laced tape applied over the keloid.

Keloids are a skin condition that can affect a person’s self-esteem, but with the right treatment options, the size and severity of a keloid can be greatly reduced.