Dagger mamba Kayak

Dagger mamba

Choosing The Best Sit on Dagger mamba

The Dagger mamba is a complete package of awesomeness; this is how the Dagger mamba has been described in our shop. Upon being asked to explain the response was given – “I surf in it sometimes, I run rocky rivers, I run massive foreign rivers all in complete comfort” This answer pretty much sums up the new Mamba. Having had some tweaks in the past year a completely new beast is here ready to take on whatever you point it at.

If you point the kayak at a new paddler they will have a large comfortable and forgiving boat to learn all aspects of paddling in. Give it to a nutter (skilled whitewater paddler) and he might just go off the biggest waterfall you can think of. With the semi planing hull this kayak can surf out on Uganda’s mighty river waves, or of course the standing wave at the bottom of your local weir.

It sits very well in the water offering quick edge to edge transitions when you need them in some of those shallow Scottish boulder fields. Not to mention that the adjuster outfitting gives a great fit for all of these levels of paddling, it is just a fantastic boat with great pedigree and designed by guys who totally know what kayaking is all about. This design will not be going anywhere for a long time. It is only going to get more popular in the years to come as these kayaks really feel connected to you, and the quality of the plastic is second to none. You can always trust a dagger kayak.