Kayaks 2013
Kayaks 2013

2013 will be a hot year for kayaks, all the main manufacturers are out there dressed to impress. As the years go by manufacturing processes and innovation keep advancing and this year we will be graced with new hull designs and new seating systems.
Sit on top kayaksare increasing in popularity and also in sophistication lets take the Tarpon series from Wilderness – For the last couple of years they have been recognised as having a sit in style kayak seat with unparalleled adjustability. This year it advances again! Greater adjustability, breathability and support using the new Phase 3 Airpro system… Keep you eyes peeled for this in early 2013. Sit in Wise we will gain the Contour Ergo outfitting in Dagger kayaks, leg lifters on ratchets, quick and simple adjustments and better connectivity than ever before possible.

Wave sport will also be using what is in essence the same system but in their signature white colourway… Oh did I mention that both of these companies have hot new whitewater boats coming? The Recon from wave sport which will replace the Habitat whilst dagger have worked closely with world champion paddlers to create the Jitsu playboat. Pyranha will be bringing out their Nano (playful creeker) which is pretty much one of a kind… exciting! They also have their very successful Karnali coming in size Small which is great news for Smaller, lighter paddlers. They to have been on the outfitting mission – not stopping their Connect 30 system rather than giving the most technical fitted outfitting experience they have made yet with the new Elite system – as the name suggests it will be for the Professionals as most of you will know the Connect 30 system is still one of the very best. Big Dog are true heroes in these modern times… ask yourself what ever happened to squirt boating??? It seemed to vanish as Float boats took over. Bring on the Karma a commercially available composite squirt boat. I genuinely hope it brings the sport back. Going full circle back to sit on tops … lets hope we have a summer of sunshine in 2013… and a steady flow of water through the winter. All the kayaks mentioned above will be available through our website as will information which is being added everyday!

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