My child
 My child
My child

Dear Haba! Please post and comment.

I married my wife about 3 years ago and I can categorically say that I provide for all her needs.

She does not lack anything! None that I know of. We have three beautiful kids. Just a few months ago, my wife traveled out of the country on business trips and I was left with the kids.
Basically, the eldest of my kids fell critically ill and had to be admitted to the hospital.

Haba! The doctor said he needed blood, and I just felt that it’s not a big deal to donate for my own child.
Fast Forward to some hours later, when the doctors told me my blood will not work for my child. Haba ! It was not funny at all, we had to buy blood for my child. Thank God he was ok. So I secretly conducted a D.N.A test and discovered that all my kids are not actually mine.

Haba! I almost went mad! The issue is that my wife is with another child, and I am not sure if the child is actually mine. I do not want to do anything stupid. Please advise me on how to confront her without hurting anyone.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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