The iPhone 5S, or possibly the iPhone 6 is rumoured to feature a mighty 13 megapixel camera, ear proximity, and improved iOS! In fact, rumours have been discussing release dates, and it is said we may see the next iPhone as early as late July 2013

In comparison to some of the hottest phones about, the iPhone 5 is beginning to look a little old-fashioned, so it is no surprise that rumours of the iPhone 5S are floating around.

In keeping with Apple’s naming tradition, the next iPhone will probably be called the 5S, although there have been suggestions that Apple may simply skip 5S in favour for iPhone 6!

The iPad 4 and iPad mini were released ‘early’, only 8 months after the release of the iPad 3. This has led to suggestions that the iPhone 5S (or possibly 6) could be released as early as Summer 2013!

There have also been plenty of rumours regarding the iPhone 5S camera. There have been suggestions of a 13 megapixel main camera, and 3.2 MP front-facing, and the presence of ear proximity, which can judge how far the user’s ear is from the phone for the purpose of volume control.

Rather than the iPhone 5’s 4-inch IPS Retina display device with a Corning Gorilla Glass protection, the iPhone 5S may have a  near 5 inch Retina+ Sharp IGZO display with a 1080p HD resolution, though there is debate as to whether the hardware design will be altered at all.

The phone may even support eye-tracking, where you can control it simply by looking at it! The iPhone 5 runs on a dual core A6 processor, but the iPhone 5S is expected to have a  A7 quad-core processor!

Aplle is also working on iOS 7. The iPhone iOS has remained fairly similar over the years, with a static display that has been tweaked, but not fully revamped. That may all change with the impending arrival of the iPhone 5S, as the phone is rumoured to sport the new iOS, which will have great new features to compete with Android.

There has also been a rumour that the new phone wil be the iPhone 6, and that it will accompany the release of a cheaper iPhone model made with plastic parts to lower the price and compete with low-end Android devices, though, as everything else surrounding this phone, nothing has been fully confirmed.