Coping with job you dislike

Coping with job you dislike

The annoying alarm wake up the mind. Its 4:00am and a week day. The day of the working man must begin as usual. Jumping out of bed with heavy sleepy eyes, it doesn’t have to be Monday for the day to begin like this. It’s an everyday affair which one must bear.

The cold shower must be taken to wake up the nerves, now the reality sets in that its work time. While the tie is being knot and shoe buckled, a reminder of the hectic traffic that must be overcome sets into the mind and could even cause the heart to skip. The economy is not friendly and the salary not helping matters either as the little salary is constantly shorted by the necessary house rent, transportation and feeding daily.

Not everyone love their job. The dream of wanting to be a doctor a lawyer or an astronaut has been set aside just to survive and make ends meet. The government or maybe the economic situation could be regarded as a dream squasher. Set old dreams aside. The battle is about surviving and coping with the present job at hand. How can this be possible?

There are several ways to survive and make your job meaningful as best as you can. An individual doesn’t need to have a dream job to have the best work conducive environment. Just a few simple steps and one is good to go, which are;

•Be friendly to neighbors and familiarize with them mostly those who have cars so you could get a free ride if they are following the same route such as yours every morning to work. Transport cost could be saved this way, also time and the hustle of the roads to work.

•Music is good. Soft music that you like takes away the work stress. Some individuals prefer listening to the radio just to keep their minds busy. If there are colleagues at the same work place as yours, ensure that you do not disturb them so turn the music as low as possible for their convenience.

•Be a friendly colleague never snob nor form clicks at work. Be open-minded and be as neutral as possible to office feuds which are usually unavoidable. Avoid small talks and office politics as much as possible.

•When its launch time, make it worth while. Crack some jokes and gist with colleagues. Best of all, be all smiles at all times. When launch time is over, be as punctual as possible to resume work.

•Do your very best at whatever task you are assigned. If you would like a change of department, learn all you can about how things are done. Show your boss that you are not only good, but better at what you can actually do, so that he can be convinced that you deserve a change of department.

•Spend free time learning new things that can be of useful interest which could actually build your resume such a learning a new language , either foreign or local or taking some short courses to improve your skills.

•Owning a business is not easy but if one can handle the weight alongside the job, it is worth the shot. Make sure as much as possible that they both never conflict or risk losing your actual job.

•If the business succeeds and you think that you can now be free and independent from a day job, then you can solemnly resign from a job that ones gave you less comfort to one that is much more flexible.

Never rush to be independent. To succeed, you must serve to be a leader. To own your own business, you must learn the way of humility and human tolerance at the work place so that the same practice can be adopted when one is actually free and independent from the morning alarm of the 9 to 5 job.