How to make a safe road trip in Naija
How to make a safe road trip in Naija

We all travel everyday, especially during the festive periods, but sometimes people don’t like traveling alone because they may get board or even sleep off.

When on the road, you do not have a choice but to remain where you are, so it’s left for you to make the best out of your position.

So how do you entertain your self in one spot? Here are some tips:

Pack lots of food stuffs and snacks which you love, but be careful not to eat and drink too much on the road, this could upset your stomach and make you uncomfortable. Snacking help you pass the time, it’ll also cut down on pit stops at roadside convenient stores.

Travel with people whose company you enjoy and with whom you wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time. This will be a key element in keeping entertained in the car, as you can pass the time much more quickly with good companions.

If make sure all your electronic devices are fully charged, from your ipad to your blackberry phones, this would go a long way to keep you entertained. And if you have a pet, take it along with you.

Keep in touch with the outside world, try chat up with people to know what they are up to, visit the different social networks to know what your mates are saying.

Talk about stuffs that could spark up a conversation, talking about what you plan to do when you finally arrive at your destination is good place to start from.

Take the time to talk to one another, tell jokes or play games during your road trip. You might end up getting to know one another better than you’d have expected.

Pop in a mix CD that you’ve made for the road trip, your favorite music, or a comedy CD to keep your mind off of the long trip. Take a vote on which CD your passengers want to listen to and sing along with whatever is chosen. You also can download your favorite radio shows or bring along an audio book, both of which can provide hours of entertainment. For passengers, a portable DVD player and a stack of DVDs can be another excellent, if more costly, way to pass the time.

Spend your time on the road with a good book or magazine, crossword puzzles, or a camera to snap pictures of the landscape. A Quiz book is good, some one can read the questions and every one can play along taking turns to answer. Make sure you have pen and paper to write down who is winning.

Look out the window and take note of what you’re passing, if it’s new to you it should arouse some interest. Look out for different styles buildings, fields, hills.

And if there are other people in the car that can drive, it would be fun if you guys take turns every 20 minutes to keep everyone fresh, as well as giving drivers a chance to get some much-needed rest.

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  1. Thanks to share these travelling ideas. When i go somewhere i ensure that place would be safe and good for roaming.

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