Studying in Malaysia

Studying in Malaysia

The dream of most Nigerians, both educated and non-educated, is to travel abroad someday, some Nigerians who are not educated don’t particularly care about where, as long as it’s outside Nigeria. That’s why there are Nigerians in virtually all parts of the world.

Malaysia, have attracted lots of Nigerians who have dreams of furthering their education abroad at a relatively low cost, Malaysia Colleges now have so many liaison offices in Nigeria, who do their best to convince students who may have been frustrated by JAMB, to apply.

After finishing secondary school education in Nigeria, most Nigerians find furthering their education in Malaysia a good idea because, it’s usually easy getting admission, as you are not required write any exam, rather you just fill some forms, also getting a visa and ticket is never a problem, i once heard someone say with as low as N250,000 you can find yourself in Malaysia. So looking at the cheap cost, and with the added advantage of no strike, and having a foreign certificate, it sounds like a good business for both the parents who send their children there, and the Study in Malaysia Liaison office here in Nigeria.

Another way Nigerian students get into Colleges in Malaysia, is by traveling to Malaysia as a tourist, and later go into a college to apply for education to qualify for a Student Visa. Then once a Nigerian decides to stay in Malaysia to study, they still need to apply for a College, and be reminded that all Colleges require a down payment before they can submit your papers to immigration. Then the person needs to wait for one or more months before their approval letter will be release. And while you’re waiting for the approval letter, you’re only holding a letter from the college, your passport will not be with you. Malaysia have immigration and police house checking and road blocks, at this time, unfortunately police and immigration officers do not accept a school letter only, they need a passport with genuine visa.
They even carry their system to check if your visa is valid. If the College approval comes out and the person is unable to pay the school fees in full, the College will not give back your passport to you. College letters and Immigration approval have expiration date, this means that everything should be paid on or before it expired or you will start the procedures again.

But more recently, the Government of Malaysia are trying their best to tighten their visa laws, because of the ease at which most Nigerians and other nationals have virtually had in entering into their country.