Good health

Good health

Health, they say is wealth. Good health is the state of being vigorous and free from bodily or mental disease. One could promote good health by having good diet, which must include several food, good nutritional lifestyle that promotes good health.

There are so many people out there with lots of ailments and would give just about anything, to have one day of good health. But staying healthy isn’t as difficult as some think.

So what can people do to stay healthy?

1. Eat Right.

Most people, mostly Americans suffer from obesity today, because they do not watch what they eat. Although, some could be hereditary, but most of them are down to poor diet and sedentary lifestyles.

2. Take Lots Of Water.

Experts suggest that an adult is required to take at least one liter of water each day, that’s around 8 cups of water. Because water helps clear the skin, corrects temperature and removes toxins that are the inevitable result of metabolism and industrial life.

3. Eat Well and At The Right Time Daily.

You must respect your, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Breakfast should be taken early and should be lite, because should you miss your breakfast, your likely to eat more during lunch.

As we all know, lunch should be taken in the afternoon, something a little heavy can also be eaten now.

While dinner is just as important as your breakfast, it must be take at the right time between 5pm and 8pm, so the food can digest well before you go to bed.

4. Avoid Night Snack.

When some people eat dinner between 5pm and 8pm, they tend to get hungry later on, and then begin to look for something to eat again, constantly doing this could lead to having a big stomach, what most people now call “pot belle”.

5. Good Diet Lifestyle Would Help.

Consume more: Fruit and vegetables, Whole grains, Fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products, and Lean protein.

And consume less: Fats and sugars, Refined grains, Sodium, Dietary cholesterol anand Alcohol.

6. Exercise Always.

If you are not a fan of exercising, start now! Early morning jogging and work outs would help balance your calorie expenditure.  “Calories in and calories out” is a good focus.  If you burn more calories than you consume, weight will drop, and this means more fitness.

7. Sleep.

I don’t mean sleep anywhere, like most people feel when they sleep off during church programs or sleep at work, they have really slept. It would help to have about 8hrs of sleep, and sleep at the right time as well, an adult should be in bed by 10pm. You know what they say, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and strong.