How To Start Networking

How To Start Networking

Networking is simply an information exchange between you and another person. It involves establishing relationships with people who can help you advance your career in many ways.

In Nigeria today, there are lots of new companies who try to provide employment for the youths, by introducing the networking, some of these companies include, GNLD, Forever Living Products, Tianshi, etc… They involve you introducing other people to join and become distributors, and as others join, your rank in the company goes up, including more monetary rewards.

Many are skeptical about joining because they are not sure if they can get the required amount of people. But there are ways you can go about you networking in an organized manner so as to meet your target.

For those who are still new to networking, here are some tips:

1. Know What You Are Into.

Well this is pretty much basic, but some people do not care about going the extra mile to know totally what their networking company is about, hence when they go out to talk to other people, they can’t answer questions properly, thereby losing some down-lines.

2. Start With Your Family.

Charity the say, begins at home, it would be wise if you can start with your family, friends, roommates, etc… This would give you a good platform to start with, as well as a rehearsal for you, before you go to the outside world.

3. Dress Neat And Smart.

Before you go out in search of down-lines, work on your external appearance, as this would go a long way to how people would grant you audience.

4. Know Your Target.

Now, you must have an idea of who your main target would be, target people who would have the capability of making the channel of distribution wider.

5. Prepare.

Be well prepared, know what you are going to say, do your research well, so you can sound professional and convincing. And try as much as possible to think before you talk.

6. Make Sure You Are Understood.

After talking to them, make sure they totally understand what you said, ask them if they have any questions, if they do, try your best to make them understand in simpler terms.

7. Be Friendly.

We know you are working and would like to get down to the point, but you would need to be as friendly as you can, try to have off topic discussions like football and politics at times, in a bid to try to gain their trust and respect. But what ever you come up with, make sure you have a good idea of it, so it doesn’t look like you are forcing the issue.

8. Keep In-Touch.

After your conversation, collect their phone numbers, or business cards, and try to follow them up regularly, send lovely and inspirational text messages, just to show them you care for them and not just the business.