The password might not be wrong when trying to log into the Facetime or iMessage services repeatedly. The issue affected many users across the globe and up to this date it remains active. However, there are methods that can resolve it from the user’s end. These methods are all listed below.

( The picture below shows two teens chatting over Facetime Via iPad with Retina display )

Email Activation

The first thing to check is if the Apple ID was verified. After creating the Apple ID, tap on the web browser application on the iOS device and open mail. Find the email Apple sent and click its verification link to activate the Apple ID. After, try logging into either Facetime or iMessage to see if it works.

Strict Password

iOS requires a strict password to use some of the software’s services. When signing up for an Apple ID to use for either the Facetime or iMessage service directly from an iOS device, the operating system might not list all of the password requirements, therefore, resulting in an error when attempting to log in.

Try changing the Apple ID’s password to something stricter :

  • a password with at least one letter
  • a password with at least one capital letter
  • a password with at least one number
  • the password must not have multiple identical consecutive characters
  • the password must not be the same as the account name
  • the password must have at least 8 characters
  • lastly, the password must not be common (any common word)

Question : How to change the Apple ID password?

Answer :

  1. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the iOS 6 device
  2. Go to ‘iTunes and App Stores’
  3. Select the Apple ID (do this twice – on the current page, and then the next)
  4. Change the password to something stricter
  5. Click ‘Done’ to save and finish

After double checking and/or changing the Apple ID password, try logging into either Facetime or iMessage to see if it works.

Last Resort – Login Caused By Country/Region

If none of the above worked, the last resort is to change the country that was associated with the Apple ID for the respective service. To do so, click on the settings icon from the iOS device, scroll down and click on the ‘Facetime’ or ‘Messages’ category.

For Facetime :

Click on the Apple ID, then ‘change location’. Type in the Apple ID’s password if a prompt pops-up, and after click on the box that says region. Change the country that is associated with the Apple ID for the service.

For iMessage :

Find the ‘send and receive’ box and click on it. Select the Apple ID, then click ‘change location’. Tap on the box that says region and change the country that is associated with the Apple ID for the service.

Notes :

  • a real address is required
  • do not enter any payment information such as credit card details

It is recommended to change the country to the United States or United Kingdom, as it is known that iMessage and Facetime will most likely work in either countries.

By Haba Naija Admin

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