How to Prepare For An Audition

How to Prepare For An Audition

An Audition is an interview for a particular role or job as a singer, actor, dancer, or musician, consisting of a practical demonstration of the candidate’s suitability and skill.

Using Nigeria as an example, there are so many auditions all year round in search of young talents, some of these auditions include, Nigerian’s Got Talent, The X-Factor, Project Fame, Gulder Ultimate Search, Next Movie star, etc…

No matter how confident you are, once you remember that there are thousands of hopefuls are out there trying to get the same roles as you, you automatically become terrified and anxious.

Here are some tips you could use when you are about going for an audition;

1. Be Properly Dressed

Your appearance is automatically your first word, and so you must be well dressed, it would be advisable to put on something professional/casual. Some people make the mistake of wearing a costume to an audition, except you are doing ballet or any other costume essential casting, don’t do it until you are required to.

2. Be On Time

Most people still use “African Time” in this modern age. Show a sense of professionalism and be at the venue of the audition at least 20 minutes to the time it’s meant to commence. You being late would have and effect on your performance and tell the judges you are not reliable.

3. Know What Your Playing

Most auditions involve reading some portions of a script, while others involve singing a particular song previously sang by a well-known art. What ever it is you are going for, make sure you have absolute knowledge of what to do.

4. For Actors, Practice Cold Reading

Cold reading is the act of performing lines as you read them for the very first time. It can be a nerve wrecking experience, but with practice most actors can become quite adept at it. The best way to become a fluent cold reader is to read aloud as often as you can. When you cold read during your audition, do not worry if you stumble over a word or two. The important thing to remember is to stay in character.

5. Don’t Think of The Thousands of People Who Want Your Role

Ones you begin to think of the thousands of people who are in line to get the same role as you, you would begin to lose confidence in your self and this could lead you to having a poor performance.

6. Know You Are The Best

Before it’s time for you to be casted, you might see so many people around who may look more talented than yourself, but do no let that play on your mind, tell yourself you are the best and it’s you they are looking for.

7. Don’t Criticize Yourself

After an audition, while waiting for the response of the Judges, some people in order to gain some kind of sympathy from the judges and the audience, criticize themselves and begin to apologize for the mistakes they made during the casting, this is wrong, avoid this as much as you can. Thank the casting director and leave the stage knowing that if you are right for the part, they will contact you. If not, know that you did your best