How to Play Blackjack Poker

How to Play Blackjack Poker

How to Play Blackjack Poker

Blackjack Poker is a split pot card game. What this means is that the player with the best blackjack hand (These cards must be FACE-DOWN), and the player with the best poker hand, will equally divided up the total amount bet.

The obvious problem with all split pot card games, is that calculating pot odds is very difficult. The advantage to split pot card games, is that the pots can and do grow quite large because most of the players at the table will have something in their hand that they believe they can at the very least, use to win half the pot with.

Blackjack Poker present another huge issue to deal with when attempting to calculate how much to bet, call, or how long to continue to stay in a hand. This concern is the blackjack hand, which often results in a tie, forcing the pot to be split between two players that have identical hands, which could be blackjack, but most likely is two face-cards.

When this happens, the players that tie only receive one quarter of the pot, instead of the one half that they were expecting. The reason that this can be quite bad financially for the players chasing the blackjack portion of the pot, is that the player who believes they have the best poker hand can keep raising and raising forcing the two blackjack players to contribute double to the winning poker hand.

Now that you understand the issues dealing with Blackjack Poker, we will teach you a few very simple strategies that you can utilize to become a consistent winner when you sit down to kill a little time and enjoy a game.

Tip #1 – Try not to invest too much into a blackjack hand, unless you have blackjack itself. It is quite difficult to determine which players are trying to win the poker portion of the pot, and which players are going after the blackjack share of the pot. More money is lost in this card game with two face-cards trying to win the blackjack pot, than any other hand.

Tip #2 – Concentrate on your poker hands, and attempt to make the pots as large as possible when you believe you have the best hand. By following this technique it is often possible to get two or even three blackjack players to contribute to your poker winnings.

Blackjack Poker is certainly not for everybody. That being said, the players who follow the helpful hints mentioned above and are disciplined more often than not, are the big winners when the evening is finished.