These beautiful, white little spring flowers are a big attraction, also being one of the first flowers to emerge in spring. As with all macro photography, they can be challenging, but rewarding.


Use a tripod

This will help keep the camera still. Try self timer, or cable shutter release for extra stillness. Try to splay your tripods legs to get it as close to snowdrop-level as possible.

Gear- Lens, etc

Try to use a macro lens. If you dont have one, use a telephoto with a diopter, or extension tube. This is known as a type of filter, but is not truly one, it acts as a second lens. Should be used with caution, because it can soften the image.

Also, a kneeling mat will be helpful, because you will be likely to find yourself crouching in damp, or mushy conditions.




Choose a wide aperture if you want to have only the front flowers in focus, or choose a narrow aperture for a deeper depth of field.


Choose spot, to avoid overexposing the white petals. This also helps the camera focus on a particular point, because over- or underjudgement, even by just a couple of millimetres can cause disastrous consequences.

  • Choose a single snowdrop head to focus on, and fill the frame. This is a very effective and beautiful effect, especially when it is covered in dewdrops.
  • Select a couple of flowers to include in your shot, and make the backgrund out of focus to emphasize their presence.
  • Wide view- Try taking a wider angled picture of all the snowdrops on the ground. This gives a sense of size and place.
  • Try a new look- choose a funky view, that will set your image apart from others

I Hope these tips have been useful, thank you for reading, please feel free to browse my site.