Its coming up to new year, when the fireworks will be going off, so I wanted to help you take pictures of them. Below are a few tips that will help you.

  1. Shutter Speed- This is the number one rule for taking pictures of fireworks. You need a long exposure to ensureĀ  that you capture the fireworks as they move to give that classical moving effect. If your camera has a bulb option for shutter speed, use this, it keeps the shutter open as long as you press the shutter button down.
  2. Aperture- Between f/8.0 and f/16.0 is good, because fireworks emit a fairly bright light. The high f stop also ensures that the shutter speed is slower, if you shoot on aperture priority mode.
  3. ISO- you don’t want noise, so keep it low, ISO 100 should do.
  4. USE A TRIPOD!!!!! Camera shake will not help! If it is not possible to use a tripod, at least use image, or opticalĀ  stabilization
  5. Get to the venue early so that you have sufficient time to set up, and to catch all the fireworks.

I hope these tips will be helpful, just remember, most importantly, long shutter speed and tripod!!