The FRSC New Number Plate

The FRSC New Number Plate

Ready or not, come the end of September 2013, if you have not acquired the new vehicle number plate, you could risk being imprisoned, fined or have your vehicle impounded by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC).

It’s called the Biometric Number Plate, because it would now have the information of the car and the car owner online, and should the car be used for any criminal activity, the owner of the car can easily be traced.

Most Nigerians see this as just another business for the FRSC, as the cost of getting this plate is as tho, you never had one before.

When a Nigeria vehicle owner buys he’s car, he needs to get a driving license, road worthiness, insurance, new number plate, tinted glass permit, fire extinguisher, and in some states like Lagos, the MOT Certificate, in order to be on the road.

When you want to apply to get the new number plate, you would need the following documents:

* Certificate of Road Worthiness
* Vehicle Licence
* Proof of Ownership Certificate
* Old Number plate registration receipt
* Vehicle insurance

Head to the nearest State Board of Internal Revenue/Motor Licensing Authority office, tell them you want to acquire the new number plate, you would then be helped to fill an online form, from

After that is done, it would be printed out, you would then be required to pay the sum of N27,000 then all your old vehicle document would be taken, while new ones would be written out for you and then your new number plate would instantly given to you.

Be sure to deal directly with the Board of Internal Revenue/Motor Licensing Authority officials, as there are people who would offer to do it for you at lesser cost, but it would turn out to be a fake number plate given to you