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Nigeria passport

Are you an Abuja resident who wants to travel out of Nigeria on a business trip, holiday, school or visitation as a Nigerian citizen. Then you need an international passport. You can either apply manually or online. 

How many page booklet passports are best for you?

People travel abroad or outside the country for different reasons. The purpose of travel might be a consideration of how many pages you will need. There are two types of pages

32-page booklet Nigerian passport: This is good for people who don’t travel at all times, for example, leisure travellers, people who go for visitation etc, However, if you are a frequent traveller you might consider getting a 62 paged booklet passport

62 paged passport: This is great for people who travel often like people that go on business trips, Professionals and experts government officials e.t.c.

According to the Nigerian immigration website, a 32-page booklet cost 15,000 while a 62 pages passport booklet costs 20,000. This might be subject to change

How to apply online

Visit the Nigeria Immigration portal homepage

  • Select the passport-type, processing country and click start application


  • It takes you to the general information, chooses in your details


3. Fill in your personal features details and contact information

  •  Fill other information i.e next of kin details
  •  Select your passport processing country and passport booklet type

  •   Accept full responsibility for the information provided in the form
  •  Submit your application and proceed to make payment

Note: Ensure you fill in the right information and check details properly to avoid spelling errors.

 How to make payment

Select your payment currency. You can either pay in naira or Dollar click on continue

If you’re paying in Naira, you can either choose a bank payment method or credit card

Enter , click credit/debit card and click continue

  1. Fill in your login details, after this is done click login and you will be taken to the payment portal
  2. Click pay button to proceed, your application details are displayed click continue
  3. Provide your card information and click ok
  4. After payment, your validation number is generated. Save it to confirm payment
  5. You may choose to print the receipt by clicking on the print receipt button

After all the online application and payment has been made, you need to Proceed to the immigration office, where your photograph and biometric will be taken.

Nigerians in the diaspora can get or renew their international passport online or via embassy nearest to them

How to apply Manually

  1. Nigeria passport Application was done offline before, the online application was introduced to reduce delay and disappointment which many go through in the past.
  2. If you are not interested in making your application online, you can do it manually or offline but it takes longer than the online application.
  3. Go to immigration office Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Road Sauka, Garki, Abuja. They work from the hours of 8-6 Monday till Thursday. you’ll be given a form to fill to ensure you go with your necessary documents. 
  4. Check the online requirements above, it will give an idea of the documents you need to go with.


If you’re in London, click here to read how to renew your Nigeria Epassport,


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