Make Your Blackberry Battery Go For Longer

Make Your Blackberry Battery Go For Longer

With all the multiple functions of the blackberry, and for all the praises it has gotten from religious users of this smartphone, one common problem that they all complain of is the issue of Battery running down quickly.

This is something that it seems RIM (Research In Motion) seem not to have an answer to, from the days of Curve 1 to new releases the Z10 there is no significant improvement in the battery life.

Due to this, most blackberry users all have a Nokia phone to go with it, as the Nokia won’t let you down in terms of battery longevity.

I am a blackberry user myself and i have suffered this same problem and also carry around my Nokia till I got my iphone tho.

All that aside, with the power situation in my country which is very poor, i had to find the loop holes which drain the battery faster and tried to plug them and i can proudly say I’ve used my blackberry smartphone for one day without charging it while being able to ping and browse. Here is how i did it:

When I started using my BlackBerry, the first thing I did was to reduce the blacklight brightness to “10” and the blacklight timeout to “10 seconds”. As this is one thing most blackberry users overlook, especially the ladies.

Now, when the power went off, i immediately switched my Blackberry from 3G to EDGS, that is pretty basic stuff, when I needed to ping and browse, i used it like that for a while.

You obviously can’t ping and browse for 24 hours straight as there are times when you would be very busy and not even in a position to take calls, that’s when you put off the network totally, the blackberry last a lot longer when the network is off. Once you are ready to use your BlackBerry, you simply turn the network back on, and you would receive all pending messages that were sent when you were offline.

If you notice, when ever your BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) is expired, you blackberry can last so long without changing, this is because you data service is largely responsible for the draining of your battery. So when you don’t have pings to attend to, go to your NETWORKS AND CONNECTIONS Under MOBILE NETWORK Turn off your DATA SERVICE, this would allow you to receive calls and text messages for the while. Then if you want to ping or browse turn it back on.

If you repeat this cycle and you would see how long your battery can last.

Please note that the blackberry battery runs down super fast when you are in a hot environment, and it last longer in a cool place.