BlackBerry App World provides the BlackBerry user with access to thousands of third-party applications developed for the mobile operating system. The user can browse, download or update their apps from the application distribution service.

Payment methods BlackBerry App World accepts :

  • Credit card
  • PayPal 
  • Carrier billing (availability depends on the carrier)

Note: a BlackBerry ID is required to download any application from App World.

How To Install App World On A BlackBerry Smartphone

Step 1 :

  1. Turn on the BlackBerry smartphone and open its web browser.
  2. Go to –
  3. Start the download by clicking the download link.

Alternative :

  1. From a computer, open a web browser.
  2. Visit –
  3. Type in the email address that is associated with the BlackBerry phone.
  4. Click submit.
  5. Read the email sent from BlackBerry and click its link to begin the download.

Step 2 :

After the download finishes, navigate to the home screen of the BlackBerry. Look for an icon with the BlackBerry symbol and click it. BlackBerry App World should open.

( The picture above shows a BlackBerry Torch 9800 using BlackBerry App World / BlackBerry symbol located to the left )