The BlackBerry 10 operating system gives the user the ability to highlight, copy, paste, and cut text using only the phone’s touchscreen. This tutorial explains how to achieve these tasks on a BlackBerry 10 touchscreen device.

How To Highlight and Select Text In BlackBerry 10

Highlighting text is simple. All that the user is required to do is touch and hold down the text from the screen to highlight it. To select all of the text on the screen, tap the screen and hold until a popup is displayed. Select the ‘Select All’ option to select all of the text. To shrink or expand a selection of text, manually move the cursor indicator. To automatically select text, continue holding a finger on the screen to increase the selection size.

( Highlighting text in BlackBerry 10 to copy or cut )

How To Copy, Cut, and Paste Text In BlackBerry 10

Copying, cutting and pasting text is also a piece of cake thanks to BlackBerry 10. To copy text, the user must highlight the text by touching and holding it down from the screen, followed by selecting the ‘Copy’ option. To cut text, follow the same procedure, however, instead of selecting ‘Copy’, select ‘Cut’. To paste text that have been copied or cut, touch and hold where ever the content should be pasted to and select the ‘paste’ option.

Note: take note that the operating system is not limited to only copying, cutting, and pasting text. It is also possible to copy, cut, and paste links and/or images. An example is using the BlackBerry 10 web browser to copy a link and paste it when sending an email. Another example is to copy an image’s link while searching for pictures via Google Images.

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