According to reports, after Apple rolled out its iOS 6 App Store, the gifting feature was removed. During the Christmas holidays, the feature was re-added since it is known as the time for giving. Up to this date, the feature remained enabled and anyone with an Apple ID can gift someone an application Via the Apple App Store.

How To Gift An Application From The iOS 6 Apple App Store :

Step 1 :
Turn on the Apple device (eg. iPhone 5, iPad 4) running iOS 6.

Step 2 :
Open the Apple App Store by selecting its icon.

Step 3 :
Find the application to gift to someone, and open its overlay by selecting it.

Step 4 :
Tap the small icon to the top-right corner of the overlay.

Step 5 :
Select the gift icon (the text, “gift”, is marked right under the icon)

Step 6 :

  1. Type in the person’s Apple ID (an email address).
  2. Enter a message for the person to read. 
  3. Choose to either send the gift right away, or another date for the person to receive it.
  4. Tap the “next” button located at the top-right corner of the pop-up box.

 ( The image above shows an app that is getting ready to be sent as a gift from Apple’s App Store )