Dating & Relationships in Lagos

 Tinubu Square - Good place for first meeting

Tinubu Square – Good place to meet online date for the first time

Lagos may not be the capital of Nigeria any more, however it remains the most vibrant city in Nigeria, with estimated population of over 8 million inhabitant, Lagos is the second largest city in Africa, second only to Cairo in Egypt.
Give how large Lagos is population wise, getting a date is not difficult, the question is are you meeting the kind of singles you want to date? Lagos has a lively and varied night life which is one of the traditional ways singles tend to find other actively dating singles in Lagos. Other traditional ways singles in Lagos meet includes meeting at work, at Colleges and other institution of higher learning and of course the tried and tested Nigerian introduction and matching tradition of different families introducing their singles to one another.

One new addition to the ways Singles in Lagos and Nigeria in general meet is through online dating websites and social networking sites. Online Dating sites are proving the most popular addition to ways singles find a date, meet new partners and even new platonic friends to hangout with. The growth and success of online dating sites in Lagos is off the back of the increase use and wide availability of the Internet. Online dating is also proving a much more effective ways of finding a partner because of the fact that you know that every one on a dating site is there to find a date. Knowing a person is looking for a date save you those awkward and potentially embarrassment that can arise from fishing to establish if a man or woman is single and would consider going out with you.

There are several online dating sites established specifically for Lagosian, most Nigeria wide dating sites tend to have a section specifically for Lagos because of the sheer size of the singles in Lagos state. Compared with say dating sites in UK, Nigerian dating sites are not quite specialised yet, they also tend to be free, this could be due to the fact that online dating is now widely used yet or the fact that online payment for services in Nigeria is yet to attain its full potentials.

These days among most Internet savvy Lagosians, online dating does not have any stigma attached to it, the only concern some people express is the safety aspect of meeting a complete stranger for a date. With dating a neighbour or a work colleague, at least you know them a bit and probably have been seeing them around for months if not years.

The truth is that while dating someone introduced to you by a friend or family may be reassuring, you don’t quite know that person very well yet. It takes time before meeting him or her alone, the same caution should be applied to the person you meet through and online dating site, your initial meetings should be in public and you may take a friend with you to make you feel safer and more confident. Do not start meeting your new online date in person on a one to one basis until you are fully confident and feel safe with being a long with him or her.

There are numerous of online dating sites for Lagos, you should visit some of them and join the one you think meets your needs. As previously indicate in this article, most online dating websites in Lagos and indeed the whole of Nigeria tends to be free. Give Lagos online dating a go, you may find that perfect match you have been looking for.