This guide provides tips that can help extend a BlackBerry 10 phone’s battery life.

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Lower the screen’s brightness – the screen on a smartphone is a major player when it comes to battery life drainage. The higher the phone’s screen brightness, the faster the phone’s battery life will deplete. It’s not recommended to have the phone’s screen brightness maxed out at 100%. Instead, try to keep it below the 35% mark if you do not have a charger around.

How to : Settings -> Display.

Setting the screen timeout – the phone’s screen is a key player to battery life drainage. By setting the screen timeout, one can choose how long the phone’s screen will stay active without activity. There is no reason to leave the phone’s screen active for too long when it’s not in use. That’s why the screen timeout settings is important. Setting it lower (for example, 15-30 seconds) will help the phone’s screen to turn off faster so that it does not use too much battery power.

How to : Settings -> Display.

Turn off Wi-Fi – having Wi-Fi turned on will not significantly drain the phone’s battery life, however, a percentage is saved by having it switched off. If you’re not within range of a Wi-Fi signal or you do not have plans to take advantage of Wi-Fi, it’s best to just disable the feature.

Turn off Bluetooth – if you are not using bluetooth, it is recommended to have it switched off so that it does not play a role in draining the phone’s battery life.

Disable NFC – similar to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with NFC enabled, battery life will be reduced. It’s best to disable NFC when not in use, as well.

How to disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and/or NFC :

To disable Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and NFC, turn on the BlackBerry 10 device, head into Settings, followed by Network Connections. From there, select the features to turn off.

Close applications that run in the background – remember to close all applications after use. Apps that run in the background of the phone will help contribute to the phone’s battery life drainage, even when the phone’s screen is not active.

Close active frames – active frames have the ability to update in the background of the phone. By closing it, you reduce the chances of it consuming a percentage of the phone’s battery life.

Change refresh settings – for those who use a lot of social media features and news applications, it is recommended to set a high interval for refresh settings. If you choose to set the refresh rate to something like 5 minutes, the features will be active every 5 minutes, pounding the phone’s battery life until it hits the 0% life span. Hence the reason why it’s important.

Locking the phone’s screen – locking the phone’s screen can help prevent accidental taps and presses that enable the phone’s display. It might not majorly affect the phone’s battery life by doing it once or twice, however, count the number of times this can be done by accident and you will soon realise why it’s important to lock the phone.

How to : press the power/lock key located at the top of the BlackBerry 10 phone.

Notification settings – setting the BlackBerry 10’s notification settings also play a part in saving battery life. For example, setting the phone to vibrate will use more battery power than setting it to take advantage of the LED light for alerts.

Charging – it’s common, however, it’s still necessary. Charging the BlackBerry 10 smartphone is important. Try to avoid charging the phone in increments (for example – 10 minutes every hour just to play a game of Angry Birds). It’s also recommended to let the phone’s battery life die every once in a while, and after charge it up to 100%.

Note : always use an official BlackBerry charger to charge a BlackBerry device.

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