Driving Safely During Raining Season
Driving Safely During Raining Season

Driving safely is actually easier than driving reckless, but most people think the laws around safe driving are too much and in a bid to get to their destination on time they do away with little things that can save life.

But am not going to dwell much on general safety on the roads, the rainy season is here once again and most of our drivers think they can drive the same way as they do during the dry season and most of them end up in the hospital because little details were not paid attention to.

When it rains the roads becomes wet and slippery, you can’t drive the same way you do during the dry season, you must drive with more caution, and there are few things you must do if you want to drive under the rain.

You must drive with common sense speed limit, if you drive at 100km/hr before, when it’s raining it’s going to be different to keep up with such speed, so you reduce it to what you can handle. Check your wipers and your wiper blades, make sure they are working well before you leave the house.

Your light, make sure your trafficking lights are working., because that’s the only means of communication between you and the car behind you. And when going to make a turn or a stop you must start giving your signals on time so the car behind you would be prepared for you next move.

Your brakes, make sure they are all working well. Because when it rains at times some breaks may not be strong enough to hold when you come to a sudden stop.

And if you can’t drive in the rain, find somewhere and park, with your light on so other vehicles would know there is a car parked there, till the rain subside.

It is he who goes out in the morning and comes back that’s a professional driver.

By Haba Naija Admin

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