The PlayStation 3 can perform a wide range of functions among which we have looked at some earlier. But having your PlayStation console there isn’t just enough, some people want to make theirs look as unique and customized as possible.

Most times when I turn on my Play Station 3 console and my friends see the theme that’s on, they often ask me how it’s done, they actually know how to download the themes but don’t know how to install it in the console, and to answer this question once and for all am going to give a detailed explanation on how you can install a new theme in your PlayStation 3 console.

This process doesn’t take long, once you get the hang of it, you could be done in less than seven minutes.

Download and Install Theme for Playstation 3

Download and Install Theme for Playstation 3

The first thing you do before you download the theme is to create a “PS 3 theme” file on your memory stick which the theme is going to be downloaded into, then inside this file you create another sub-file which you would name “theme” NOT “themes”.

After these files have been created, you them go to, (there are other websites but this is the one i use) here you would see a wide range of categories of themes ranging from sports to cars and movies and lots more. You then select the one which you fancy and download it and save it to the location of the files which you earlier created.

Once your done downloading, you then plug your memory stick into your PlayStation 3 console and to install the theme, you go to “SETTINGS” and then scroll to “THEME SETTINGS”. When you then select “THEME”, the theme which you download is going to be there, you just have to select it and install it. If you don’t like the wallpaper of the theme you can also use a picture you saved on your console as the new wallpaper, this won’t in any way distort the graphics of the theme.