A Universal Mifi

A Universal Mifi

A mifi can be described as a mobile wireless hotspot device that allows all sorts gadget devices to connect to the internet through a cellular data network. The MIFI device is always activated automatically by your wireless service provider, and can be connected to a computer or device via Wifi.

It is indeed a fact that in the current world realities, data is life. It is also a fact that technology has made access to the internet a piece of cake. Gone are the days when access to data was a big deal. With a portable mobile Mifi, one could connect to the world.

Table of content

  1. What is a mifi ?
  2. How to use a mifi 
  3. Top mifi device in Nigeria 
  4. What is a Universal mifi 
  5. Characteristics of a Universal mifi
  6. list of  Internet networks and data plan 
  7. 5 quick facts about mifi
  8. summary and recommendation

Uses  is a Mifi

  • Mifi and Wi-fi devices are a perfect ideal for homes and small offices, many users can share 4G Or 3G broadband network connection.
  • Far better than a mobile Wi-Fi connection where internet speed decreases as more end users join the connection.
  • It enables one to access the internet and work anywhere.
  • A Mifi can connect to multiple devices, they’re more useful than any other internet solutions.
  • Your device has a dedicated connection to the internet anywhere you go.
  • It enables you to work for longer period on the internet without losing out in internet connection
  • All that is required when you get a Mifi device is to pick an internet network that is suitable to your interest.

How to use a Mifi device

  • Firstly, you need to note that a 4G mifi is always better than a 3G mifi device. When you get a preferred Mifi of your choice, open the device and insert the battery (if an external battery is included).
  • Insert your preference or choice of network sim card.
  • Activate a data plan that suits your internet needs. Close the device and switch it on.
  • Turn on your mobile PC Wifi connection and connect to the Mifi. it will ask you to enter the password of your Mifi device.
  •  Usually, most Mifi device passwords are either written at the back of the device or attached to the container or box that came with it.
  •  Connect and browse the internet.

Top Mifi device  in Nigeria

Here is the list of top and most used Mifi devices in Nigeria.

  • NTEL 4G mobile Hotspot
  • ZTE LTE Mifi (Universal) can use any sim card
  • Harvilon 4G LTE MIFI
  • Reliance WI-POD 4G LTE MIFI

Universal Mifi

Universal mifi, permits use of  any internet network that functions well in any area or location. Unlike all other mifi device, it works with any form of internet network provider. Companies that manufactures good universal mifi are  Huawei, and ZTE.

characteristics of a universal Mifi

  1. it works with any network provider.
  2. it allows easy and fast switch of network provide if one is not comfortable with a particular network provider.
  3. it works in almost all the countries in the world. hence, it is the best choice for anyone that travels often.
  4. it permits multi users.

NTEL 4G mobile Hotspot data plans

  • Capped Data plans: 10gb daily for N1,500, unlimited weekly for N5,200, unlimited family for N 18,500, 6 months unlimited for N100,000, 1 year unlimited for N195,000
    For more information visit NTEL website: http://www.ntel.com.ng/plans/

MTN Data plan

  • MTN Daily data plan for mobile : 75MB (24 hours) – SMS 104 to 131 – 100 NGN. MTN Daily data plan for mobile, 25MB (24 hours) – SMS 114 to 131 – 50 NGN. 200MB 2 days Package (48 hours) – text 113 to 131 – 200 Naira. 1GB
  • Weekly browsing for mobile : (7 days) 1.5GB- N1000(1month) 2GB- N1,200 3GB- N1,500 4.5GB- N2,000 6GB- N2,500 8GB- N8,000 10GB- N3,500 15GB- N5,000 20GB-N6,000 40GB-N10,000 75GB- N16,000 110GB-N20,000 – text 142 to 131 – 500 NGN.
    For more information, visit MTN data plan website : https://www.mtnonline.com/personal/data/data-plans/

AIRTEL Data plan

  • Data for mobile, 50mb for N100, 200mb for N200, 350mb for N300, 750mb for 500
  • Monthly data plan : 1.5gb for N1000, 3.5gb for N2000, 5gb for N2,500 9gb for N4,000
  • Mega Plans : 10GB- N5,000, 16GB- N8,000. 40GB- N15,000.
    For more information, visit Airtel website: https://www.airtel.com.ng/

9 Mobile Data plan

  • Monthly plan : 1GB- N1000. 1.5GB- 1,200. 2.5GB- N2,000, 4GB- 3,000 5,5GB-N4000 11.5GB- N5,800 15GB- N10,000. 27,5GB- N18,000.
  • Daily plan : 10mb- N50. 40MB- N100. 150MB- N200. 5MB-N500
  • Quarterly Plan: 30GB- N27,500. 60GB- N55,000. 100GB- N84,992. 120GB-N110,000


  • Daily plan : 10MB- N25. 22NB- N50. 1GB-N300. 2GB- N500. 80MB- N100. 210MB- N200
    Weekly MB : 7GB – N1500.
  • Monthly plans : 800MB- N500. 1.6GB- N1000. 3.6GB – N2000. 5.75GB- N2,500. 7GB- N3,000. 10GB- N4,000. 12.5GB- N5000. 20GB- N8000. 26GB- N10,000. 42GB-N15,000. 50GB- N18,000. 63GB- N20,000.
    For more information, visit Glo website: https://www.gloworld.com

5 Quick facts about Mifi

  1. It is highly affordable, it offers more than the value of the money used to purchase it.
  2. It supports Multi Users at the same time.
  3. Most Mifi have a long-lasting battery of up to 8-9 hours
  4. It can connect with phones, Tablet,PC, Notebook, and any other types of Wi-Fi Devices
  5. Most Mifi are pocket sized, it is very convenient to carry and mobile
  6. It enables users to have a dedicated connection every time and everywhere

In summary, we suggest that getting a Universal mifi is preferable because it permits use of  any internet network that functions well in any area or location. Unlike all other mifi device, it works with any form of internet network provider. Companies that manufactures good universal mifi are  Huawei, and ZTE.

Note: A good mifi device last for about 7-8 hours. Having a backup power bank is an absolute necessity, kindly check the things you need to know about  before getting a power bank in Nigeria here.