The importance of building quality backlinks to SEO cannot be overemphasized. But the problem is that we live in an unreal world where most webmasters charge you a specific amount for any backlink whatsoever. In this post, I’ll show you how to build quality backlinks without spending a Naria.

There are some fundamentals you should know about Backlinks before going into how to build one without paying money.

  • Have a Good Mix of Follow & No Follow Backlinks:

It is often said or assumed that no-follow links are not good for SEO but that’s a lie. A good mix of Follow and No-follow backlinks are beneficial.

So, do not be surprised when methods of getting do-follow links are highlighted in this post.

  • Time Replaces Money:

Although in this post you’ll get insight into how to build quality backlinks without spending Naira, you need to understand that your time is needed.

In essence, if you don’t have money to build backlinks, you must have (or create) time. It is almost impossible to build quality backlinks without either of the two.

Now, let’s get to the real deal on how to build quality backlinks without Paying a Naira.

Guest Posting

Of course, Guest Posting is not new to you but you probably don’t like it because;

  • Most webmasters do not reply to outreach emails
  • It is time-consuming
  • Most Site owners charge a certain fee

What if there is an easier way to get Guest Post opportunities? Yes, there is. If you’ve been finding it impossible to get Guest post opportunities free of charge then you’re probably doing it the harder way. Try the following approach instead:

Contact Only Sites That offer Free Guest Post Opportunities:

Randomly contacting any website for Guest Post opportunities and backlinks will likely not work out. How do you get Websites that accept Free guest posts? Simply typing “Guest Post” or “Guest Post Opportunities” in Google Search will not help.

Instead, use this query any of the following key phrases:

free guest posting sites

free guest post

free guest post sites

free guest posting

free guest post site list

free guest posting site list

free guest posting sites list

free guest posting sites with instant approval

free guest posting sites list 2020

free guest posting sites 2021

free guest posting sites list 2021

free guest posting sites in Nigeria {Or Any other Country}

Tip: Do not get satisfied with the results on the first page of any Search Engine.

Join Relevant Facebook Groups

Another great way to get Free Guest Post opportunities is through Facebook Groups. First, you need to join a “Free Guest Post” Group on Facebook. There are tons of such groups on Facebook. 

In the group, there are many website owners looking for content and guest posts. Just get one that is relevant to you, write content and submit. It’s that simple.

So, how do you join a Free Guest Post Group on Facebook? Simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Facebook.
  • Navigate to your Search Column and type “Free Guest Posting”
  • Filter or select Groups (to show results for only Groups, not Pages and others)
  • Join as many Groups as Possible

Tip: Make sure you are not writing on a spammy website.

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Blog Commenting

Commenting on Blog posts is a strategic way to build backlinks. However, you must understand that most of the links you’ll get via this medium are nofollow backlinks. But as mentioned earlier, nofollow links are healthy for your rankings on search engines. Moreover, it’s not so difficult to get no-follow links via blog commenting anyway.

Now, you don’t have to be spammy with this approach. It should be done strategically. Simply commenting “Nice Article here” or “Very Good post”. Write something valuable and resourceful or something that complements the article. You could also write about other methods not mentioned by the author.

To illustrate, let’s assume that you have just read an interesting article like “How To Make Money Playing Soccer Video Games”. But the article does not cover your own tried and tested method of making money from soccer video games. Comment on the article in the following format:

  • Commend the author’s effort
  • Highlight what you love in the content.
  • Politely mention your tried and tested method not highlighted in the content.

The point here is to add value to readers.

Many site owners now accept such comments in their posts because it does not pass page rank value to the linking site. Even the popular Neil Patel does.

Write On Medium

Unknowingly to many, Medium is a good place to build reasonable backlinks.

But you do not have to copy and paste a published content on medium. You can decide to write one new piece of content per month on Medium. Of course, you should optimize the content for relevant keywords to your website.

Please note that the links from Medium are no-follow but as mentioned earlier they are healthy for your link building campaign.

Tip: Articles published on Medium are most likely going to rank higher on the search engines than those on a relatively small (or a new) website. Medium is a very authoritative website. 

Conclusion or Take Away

Building quality backlinks is too important for SEO and it should not be taken for granted.

Do not be discouraged to find out that most website owners charge a specific fee for guest posting. You can thrive and build quality backlinks without spending a Naira.

Follow the points highlighted in this article to build quality backlinks even when you have no budget.

Remember, if you don’t have money to build backlinks, you MUST have time.

Author Bio

Stephen Oyelabi is an Online Entrepreneur and he is particularly fond of SEO. In addition, Stephen is a diehard football fan and the founder of Soofootball – An educative & Informative, non-news football blog.

By A Olajide

Olajide is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast. He’s active on notable tech blogs and forums, where he shares his knowledge and expertise to help businesses improve their systems.