How to be a professional footballer

How to be a professional footballer

With the amount of money in Football now, little wonder why parents now encourage their children to play football. But making it to the top isn’t easy, the road is very rough, many have tried and fell off by the wayside. But for those who know they have the talent and passion to become a professional footballer, here are some tips that would come in handy as you start this journey.

1. Know Your Position.
In football, we have four key positions, the goalkeeper, the defense, the midfield, and the attack, you must know which position you want to major in, as each position requires a totally different method of training.

2. Know The Rules Of The Game.
You can’t buy a gadget without looking at the manual, the same applies to football, you need to know all the rules of the game from how to take a throw-in to how to tackle your opponent, they are all necessary so you don’t end up picking up red cards during matches.

3. Watch Football Matches.
You should make sure you watch lots of games, as there would always be something new to learn in every game, which would surely help you improve your talent if you practice them in training.

4. Train Everyday.
Hard work is the key to success, you must train everyday because this would keep you fit and in shape, don’t feel lazy about this before as you go further, the training would become more intense. But try not to train too hard so you don’t get injured. And before every training session, ensure you do some running, start by jogging, then sprint.

5. Join A Local Team.
Try get a local team to play with, this could just be the usual sunday-sunday league in your area, as this would help give you the needed competitive edge, and also you could just get scouted from here, because you never know who would come to watch.

6. Get An Agent And Go On Trials.
Once you have become the best player you can be, you need to get a trial at a professional soccer club. One of the best ways to do this is by getting an agent who can get you a trial at an academy somewhere. You can also make a highlight video of yourself showing your brightest moments in the biggest games.

Remember, this process is simple but it is far from easy. Don’t think of getting an agent or a professional team trial as being major obstacles though, the real work is the years of preparation it takes to really be good enough.