For many people that plans to travel abroad, either to study or for other reasons. It is a fact that authenticating results and documents in Nigeria, can be a very hard hurdle to jump. Apart from the slow nature of the process, the entire process might be very frustrating.

This is why Haba Naija has composed a detailed article on how to go about this process, so that you may authenticate your credentials in Nigeria with as little stress as possible.

Documents needed to travel abroad

Birth certificate or attestation certificate
Marriage certificate, Divorce certificate, Single status affidavit
Police character certificate
Nigerian International passport
School results and academic documents (degree certificate, transcripts, WAEC/NECO e.t.c)

what an authenticated document looks like

what an authenticated document looks like.

A remita slip

A remita slip

How to Authenticate your documents at the Federal Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1. Ensure that all necessary documents required from the embassy of the country you wish to study is complete. Arrange all documents in their order of importance and proceed to the federal ministry of education Abuja (Federal Secretariat). Ensure you hold photocopies of all necessary documents,including your WAEC/NECO result scratch card because most of these things are sold at expensive rate in the building once you forget to go with them.

2.You will be asked to purchase an authentication form which is sold for N200-N500. The prices changes, it all depends on who sells the form to you.

3. After filling the form, the next step is to go make payments ( each document might cost N300 or less ) the entire document will be checked, and the sum to pay to the bank will be communicated to you.

4. Try to locate a close cyber cafe around the building, usually there are a few around, generate a payment ID for Remitting your payment (it is a very easy task). The ID will be used to pay into the Nigeria Government account. Please note that you can make your payment at any bank. All you need is a teller that shows you have made payment into the account given to you at the ministry.

5. Make a photocopy of the teller given to you at the bank and proceed to IPPIS or Revenue office where the teller will be collected and a photocopied will be signed

6. Go back to the 8th floor (the first office you went), submit the photocopied teller and your documents and wait till your document is authenticated. Often times, you will be asked to come back for your document or perhaps, if the queue is not much, you might be lucky to get it that same day.

However, this is Nigeria! If you know how to do the needful, you will get your documents within hours.

Proceed to the Ministry Foreign Affairs( some walks from Federal Secretariat)

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the security is always very tight, you do not need to fidget. Gently walk up to the security personnel at the front of the building entrance and tell them you want to authenticate your documents.they’ll lead you to the entrance of the authentication office where you meet seas of people who have also come to authenticate their documents. Please note that the office works between 8am-12pm. Ensure to be there as early as possible so you will not be asked to come back the next day.

Tell the officials you want to authenticate your documents. You will be given a number. You will also be instructed to pay a particular amount for your document authentication at the bank.
The same process you followed at the ministry of education also applies i.e create a remita and proceed to the bank to pay, photocopy the teller and go back to the foreign Affairs office to wait till your documents are authenticated.

Usually, the cost of authentication at the Ministry of Foreign Affair varies, if you have a lot of documents, you have to pay a bit more. (Approximately N1000 or more).

International students for N.Y.S.C scheme

Students that studied abroad, but wants to run their N.Y.S.C program in Nigeria, will have to follow the following procedure before they can be qualified to serve their father’s land

You will have to authenticate your result. ( the process is the same with those who process studying abroad) follow the procedures highlighted above.
Please ensure to start the process as early as possible so you would not have to wait for another N.Y.S. C batch.

If you have a question not covered in the article, kindly drop you question at the comment section we’ll do our best to find the right answer for you. Thanks for reading.

For those who reside outside Abuja or outside Nigeria

For millions of people who stays outside Abuja or outside Nigeria, the task could be made easy. You can send your documents to anyone in Abuja to help you with the task. Here are the following steps you need to follow if you reside outside Abuja.

1. Look for someone who resides in Abuja, ensure that the person does not have a busy schedule causes the exercise might take hours or days. Or better still be ready to pay a machinery to help you with the task.

2. If you need the documents as fast as possible, we advise you to look for a machinery who will help with the entire task.
3. send your document through a carrier service or a reliable transit system addressing the person you have sent the documents to. Confirm that the person got the document.

4. The contacted machinery/person will follow the process highlighted above and holla! Be ready to get your documents back the next day.

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