Should a lady make the first move?
Should a lady make the first move?

Lots of ladies are really shy, full of pride or some even deem it totally not cool to start up a chat with a guy they like at which they have never spoken to before for fear of rejection, or being interpreted as cheap.

What should be the modern social opinion on that?
Ladies should ignore the fear of rejection and go all out to make a guy know what their heart desires are.
There are other ways to make a man know what lingers in the heart of a lady, so such ladies who are actually interested in breaking that ice, should start up a conversation with him. There are just a few simple ways to go about it:

You can compliment a man by telling him how much you like his shirt or even his haircut and a conversation could automatically ensue from there. Ladies shouldn’t necessarily have to wait for a man to do all the talking. Some men find women who don’t contribute to a conversation and expect a man to do all the talking while they listen, as extremely boring to have as a partner.

Other men find such women to be full of pride and pompous. Ladies! Never be nervous about a guy. Breaking that ice by starting a conversation or asking him out on a trip or a date doesn’t make a lady any lesser than herself. Some women know what they want while others stick to the how relationships used to be, they forget that change is constant.

If a lady needs to ask a guy out and she has no way of telling him, she makes the mistake of silence. If she is really interested in him for a relationship, she should make a very silly but funny demand by asking him to ask her out. He can’t resist the shocking demand.

Men like women who are direct and straight forward. In fact such men respect such women and would like having them as their partners. Men like Ladies who push forward and break the boundaries that other women would never venture to go beyond.

Say a random joke, funny or not would definitely get his attention.
It’s very difficult to hear a lady tell a joke. Ladies are so engrossed in reality and relationships, they forget the fun side of telling a joke. Tell a joke to a man who will almost always break the ice . Commenting about his funny looking shoes, will definitely get his attention. Men are always amazed at women who tell jokes.

Text messages are not bad ways of breaking the ice with a guy. Get his number whichever way you can and tell him you would like to have a chat with him any time he thinks he would be free and in the mood of a conversation. Don’t forget to use some beautiful smileys. Getting his black berry pin is not a bad idea either. That’s one of the best ways to break the ice with him by having a chat via the blackberry messenger or any form of social messaging service.

Patiently wait for his birthday on Facebook or twitter and try to compose the craziest of all birthday messages, that would definitely grab some attention.

It’s never difficult to connect with a guy. The only hindrance to connecting to whichever man a lady wants to ,is if such a lady hinders herself. A lot of people are just not good at starting conversations especially women and that’s an ancient habit that should be abandoned. Take a risk, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Always be simple
Never be over complicated in your approach if you think you should strike a conversation directly. Just walk up to a guy and say simply; Hi am Mabel, there’s nothing to it. A very simple is the best way to go about an approach. Crack that ice. Never be afraid or proud to walk up to a man . Who knows. The very next walk could be towards the altar with him.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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