With some states now listed by America as a no-go area, because of the exploits of Islamist sect. called Boko Haram and the fact that some Nigerians have been linked to some terror attacks in some parts of the world in recent years, it’s increasingly difficult for Nigerians to make in some parts of the world, like America.

But despite all these, it is however possible to have good financial freedom and live a comfortable lifestyle in America.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible to make it in Nigeria, in fact there are so many opportunities in Nigeria you just have to be well positioned to get them, this however is for the people who have a dream of travelling out to seek for greener pasture and have been put off by stories of how difficult it is to make it over there.

Before you travel, first of all take care of some little details here in Nigeria.

1. Be Skilled.

Education is very important when you plan to travel out, in fact, it is a must, get a good degree here before you go there but also have some skills you can fall back on, like carpentary, mechanic, plumbing, computer repair, electrical repairs etc.. A good hand work that is looked down on in Nigeria, pays a lot over there

2. Open An Account In Nigeria.

Open an account in Nigeria that the bank would give you a master card. So that when eventually send things back to Nigeria for them to be sold, your money can easily be sent back to you.

3. If You Travel With An Immigrant Visa or Work Visa.
a. Get a job: Don’t go out there trying to be too smart and be self employed, do the simple thing and get a job. With the certificate you have acquired in Nigeria, you can get a job that pays at least $12/hour and that’s a good start.

Most jobs are by the hour, so if possible, get another job.

b. After you have a job, don’t go spending on things that are not necessary, leave below your income. For at least the first year in the country, don’t go sending money home, try to save a lot as you can.

c. And if you are interested in getting a better job, try getting a degree over there, learning doesn’t end.

d. And if you obey the law and stay out of trouble, in a few years you can become a citizen over there as well as keep your Nigerian citizenship.

So if yo can do some of these well you may just have a chance to become the next big Nigerian in a foreign country that the younger ones can look up to.

By Haba Naija Admin

Temi Odurinde worked in domain name registration and web hosting industry for many years before becoming a web entrepreneur. He is passionate about web and mobile technologies. Temi contribute mainly to Haba Naija Internet and Technology sections. He has a BSc in Computing and Psychology, a postgraduate degree in Internet Technologies. Outside work, he love Oral Storytelling, long distance running and playing Volleyball.