Sacrifice second meaning is “Father” he minimises everything for a child needs and sacrifices everything for a child’s happiness. While everyone talks about a mother’s love, no one talks about a father’s sacrifice.

In a bid to continue to create genuine and special ways to help millions of people to celebrate their loved ones, friends and family, Hope Spring eCards has introduced a new collection of colourful Father’s day ecards.

The new collection of ecards were specifically created to aid convenience in sending Father’s day greetings in these challenging times of social distancing. So that both the sender and recipient can maintain their social distance.

These cards come with great benefit in the sense that they’re more environmentally friendly than the traditional cards and cost-effective than the orthodox ways of sending a traditional card.

The use of eCards to send greetings on special occasions has become increasingly popular in recent times because they are a faster and more convenient way of sending greetings while having a comparatively low impact on the environment when compared with the traditional way of sending cards.

HopesSpring came up with a better idea of creating the best cards in the categories of cards that would not compromise an intended message.in this regard, a Hope Spring eCards could be sent with the right message customised. Creating the desired message and emotions to the sender. The eCard company created a new range of more than twenty ecards, for Father’s Day 2020.

Apart from being committed to helping people uniquely celebrate Father’s Day, Hope Spring eCards also contribute to alleviating water poverty in West Africa through Hope Spring Water, a registered charity that provides clean accessible water to the fewer privileged communities in Africa.

Hence, every donation made from eCards sent will not only be in celebration of the huge Father’s sacrifice i0n the various communities in the world but also be a contributing factor to providing safe, clean water to some underprivileged communities in Africa.

That is, when you send a Father’s Day Hope Spring eCards, you are also contributing to providing safe, clean water to poor communities in Africa.

By Haba Naija Contributor

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