Free Easter ecard from Haba Naija

Free Easter ecard from Haba Naija

Or perhaps, I might ask you, if you know of other ways to celebrate the Easter 2020 season despite this forced isolation period? left to me I wouldn’t want you to overthink yourself just send and send a customized ecard and put a smile on the faces of those families, friends, and relatives that you think you adore and cherish.

How do I send a customized Easter ecard to my loved ones?

Click on ecard to select an Easter ecard of your choice
Compose an Easter message or greeting to the recipient,
Choose how much you want to donate to provide water for many unprivileged African communities and click send. The ecard will arrive with your message instantly.

Why an ecard?
Looking at the current lockdown of all activities in many places of the world, visitations impossible, church services suspended, an ecard is probably the surest and quickest way to send Easter greetings to your friends, family, and colleagues or business contacts. Ecards are significantly more environmentally friendly and faster than sending.
Ecards are easier and more convenient to send, you do not need to worry about stamps, trips you’re just a click away to send one from your phone.

Apart from the convenience to send an Easter card, sending an ecard is significantly cheaper than sending traditional, paper-based greetings cards.
While we have all been forced to stay at home due to the recent global pandemic known as Coronavirus, its invariable means that celebrating Easter, the death, and resurrection of Christ will not be done in our orthodox way. All normal visitations to friends, families and loved ones’ houses, chilling or hanging out with friends, going to the cavalry on the day of resurrection being suspended.

What other ways can celebrate our loved ones, reminding them that they are dear and we so much cherish them? sending an Ecard to your loved ones is a perfect way to show them you value them and you wish them safety during this unfortunate COVID-19 season of forced isolation.

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