When its time for an English Premier League game on Super Sports you can be sure to see the Guinness adverts. Guinness in the past have done so many adverts but since the days of the popular “Power Mike” none of the adverts have been able to stay on the minds of Nigerians like the “Udeme” advert.

The “udeme” advert captured the attention because of its “story line” which to a Normal person sounds senseless, and am sure this is also part of why it became so popular, was that when you go to a bar in nigeria and ask the bar man to give you a “bottle of Udeme” he already understands and simply gets you a bottle of Guinness.

Guinness – My Friend Udeme – Reach for
Greatness Commercial

[youtube id=”0amMfs0mnCg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Along the road, Guinness may have known it was time to change it and give us something new to jump about, which they did in giving us “Femi”. This is another advert With a senseless story line to a normal person but some Nigerians have also taken to it too.

But one good thing you can say about the adverts is, Both encompass friendship and brotherliness.

Guinness – My Senior Brother Femi – The

[youtube id=”CwOu7EnVNaA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Personally i love the “Udeme” advert, it makes me smile each time its on.

Question now is, Udeme or Femi who do you prefer?