Guilt and Nigerian women
Guilt and Nigerian women

Most women do not realize that their emotions are very instrumental in how healthy they are. Anger, happiness, fear, joy, and sadness are all very real emotions that should be freely expressed whenever the time is appropriate. More so than not, Nigerian women often suppress these emotions. That suppression and denial of emotion usually equates to guilt. Many women have used the expression “I feel guilty” when they are undergoing some type of drama in their life. The one thing that sisters need to remember is that when guilt is present, emotions are likely being suppressed. The suppression of these emotions can manifest themselves in the form of a disease in the body.

Guilt Can Take Over Your Life

It does not take a lot of things going on in your life to realize that guilt is a very important player in life. Your emotions are a form of energy, and when this energy is not allowed to move forward, guilt arises instead. The guilt that you feel can affect you physically. Some women have reported feeling tired and weighed down. They often state that there is something “heavy on their mind” or “heavy on their heart”. Is it a coincidence that they feel this way when they have unexpressed feelings? Some researchers have even believed that many female disorders including PMS, fibroid, ovarian cysts, and abnormal menstrual flow are related to feelings and events that have not been truly resolved.

When you allow your true feelings to stay suppressed within you and you do not express them, this sets the stage for you internally to be more susceptible to illnesses and disease. Many diseases and illnesses are believed to have originated in unexpressed emotions that have been allowed to stay deep within the subconscious. Many people in the western world disregard this as eastern folklore, but it has been reported that some people have been healed of many diseases when they were allowed to release emotions that were previously denied.

How to Put Guilt in Its Place

Guilt is not a true emotion. It is simply a presence that is felt when a true emotion is not allowed to be expressed. Guilt is not designed to be moved, so how can you effectively remove it from your life so you can move forward?

The first thing that you should do is learn how to actively listen to other people. Take the time to slow down, and truly listen to the other people who are around you. Some people physically sit still during this process.

The next thing you should do is tell the truth. Most women have been taught to “say nice things” or “do not hurt someone’s feelings”. If you want to truly release the guilt in your life, you have to start saying how you feel. Of course, you do not have to be rude or mean when you are expressing yourself.

The most important thing that you can do is stay true to yourself. Women are compassionate beings. But if you want to experience true physical, emotional, and mental healing, you have to honor all of your feelings.

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