Make Money Online Keep Your Bank Manager Happy
Make Money Online Keep Your Bank Manager Happy

To become successful in online business, you don’t just jump into business. You need thorough planning to consider some of those things that will help you build online reputation and brand visibility. There are many factors that determine success of online business especially as a Nigerian. What guides will help you successfully start online business in Nigeria?
Business Basics
Before anyone will think of starting online business, you must first of all have the basics. What are these basics to starting online business in Nigeria? You can only think of money-making with the right tools. The correct tools you need for your online business in Nigerian is not a place but your office—your desktop computer or laptop.
It’s not enough to have a computer, you must be sure of constant power supply. Or at least, your computer battery must be one that lasts long such that you can have a reasonable time working online without failure. And remember that you cannot have access to the internet if you do not have internet facility: a hotspot which you have a password, your modem or cyber café. If you are serious with your business, it advisable to buy a modem and subscribe to cheap packages offered by telecommunication industries in Nigeria.
Payment Solution
You know that your major aim is to make money online through your business? No matter what you do, there will always arise occasions where you will need to collect money or even pay your experts. You need a solid payment method like PayPal, Alert Pay, E-dinner, Liberty Reserve, Graph Card, VTI, and Pioneer. The type of services you render online or the type of products you sell online determines the type of payment method you should use.
There are some countries that are not familiar with other payment method other than PayPal. In the same vein, you must choose if your want a payment method that will transfer your money to your local account in Nigeria.
Remember, the aim of this article is not to explain in detail how to get the best payment method for your solution. I will suggest you find out what is the best payment method for you before you begin your online transaction.
Business Niche
You don’t just go into making money through blogging because Mr A is raking in cash through blogging. I know you can learn anything online. The first question should be: have you the interest in that field? I will advise that you don’t go into any business because someone is doing it.
Search your interest. That is the niche where you will make it large. Why do you need to get a niche where you have interest? You need it because every business has a challenge and when the challenges arise, it’s your interest that will sustain you.
Do you want to sell products? I mean stuff like opening online store like book stop, tech gadget store or online boutique? Or do you want to sell information as a professional? If you’re good in any area of your field, there is already a market for you. All you need to do is explore it—market your knowledge and money will begin to flow.
Do you need a Website?
If you are really serious about building your online brand, you need a website. How can you build strong online presence and reputation without a website? It becomes even added advantage to have a site. This will enable you to make money without a hassle through affiliate marketing or internet advertisement.
Identity crisis
You will agree with me that dubious Nigerians or blacks have destroyed the future of the good ones who are interested in making legitimate money online. There are forums that you will not be allowed in if you are using Nigerian IP. In fact, most online writing forums, most clients do not hire Nigerians. Why because they believe they are dubious and I ask which country do you not have bad or dubious people or does it mean that there are no good or genuine Nigerians online? But no one will be there to answer your questions.
This is why you need to either be bold and build your reputation gradually or hide your identity. If you want to hide your identity, there are several ways to do that. You can change your IP to a foreign one like US or UK. Or you simply can use shield sites to surf the net anonymously or with an IP changer.
The choice is yours to make on the internet. Remember you can make it legitimately and in a big way. Just learn the basics and you are there.
Money follows handwork.

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By Haba Naija Admin

Temi Odurinde worked in domain name registration and web hosting industry for many years before becoming a web entrepreneur. He is passionate about web and mobile technologies. Temi contribute mainly to Haba Naija Internet and Technology sections. He has a BSc in Computing and Psychology, a postgraduate degree in Internet Technologies. Outside work, he love Oral Storytelling, long distance running and playing Volleyball.