What is gMail? – gMail is a free email service provided by Google that is available for anyone to use after signing up for an account. The service is ad-supported, and each user has 10.1 GB of initial storage capacity, according to the footer notice via gMail email account.

The gMail application for Android allows users to read, write, delete, and send emails from their gMail account(s). The application comes pre-installed in most Android devices, however, it can be installed straight from the Google Play store.

How easy is it to send an email from the app?

Sending an email is very simple. All that the user is required to do is touch an icon, write the subject and body of the email, and enter the email address the message will be sent to. It requires a little looking around before knowing where to locate the ‘compose email’ icon, however, the app reveals the description of each icon when pressing and holding it down.

( Screenshot – composing an email via gmail Android app )

What about its emailing tools?

Unlike sending an email from a web browser, not much tools are provided when sending an email via the gMail Android app. Sure, the app gives the user the ability to upload attachments from the photo gallery via the Android device, however, tools such as changing the font style or color of text are no where to be seen.

How does the user know when he/she receives a new email without opening the app?

That’s a good question. The Android gMail application alerts the device owner whenever he/she receives a new email in his/her inbox (this is enabled by default). The sound can be changed via the application’s settings. To do so, open the gMail app, go to settings, select the email address followed by ‘inbox sound’, then choose ‘sound’, and finally make the necessary modifications.

Navigation – Is it good or bad?

Folders are listed in the left-hand sidebar of the application, while emails are displayed to the right. The left hand side of the top navigation menu displays what folder the user is browsing through, while the right-hand side shows icons to compose an email, refresh the app, make a search, or to display a drop-down list with more options to choose from.

( Screenshot of part of the gmail Android application’s contents )

Folders that are included in the gMail Android application (left-hand side) :

  • Inbox
  • Priority Inbox
  • Starred
  • Sent
  • Outbox
  • Drafts
  • All mail
  • Spam
  • Trash
  • Important
  • Chats
  • Personal
  • Receipts
  • Travel
  • Work