Just as in music, or film, there are different genres, or types of photography. These range from the delicate art of fine art photography, to the more hardcore sports photography.

Different genres have different feels, and requirement, for example, landscape photography requires the good knowledge of the exposure triangle, and exposure compensation, while sports photography is perhaps more dependant on an accurate understanding of shutter speed.

Here I will discuss the most popular options.

Architectural photography 

Architecture photography celebrates buildings…

Documentary photograpy

This genre focuses on life, and the happenings all over the world. It has been used for anything from political to enviromental change.

Event Photography

It all speaks for itself…


This genre involves photographing people dressed in fashion clothes, perhaps for a website, a magazine or a TV commercial.

Fine Art Photography

This genre envisions photography as an art, and creates abstract, yet striking images. It has had great difficulty finding its feet as a genre of its own because many people have doubted it can be called an art.


This genre has struggled to find its feet, but these days, it is a popular option, with many people engaged in it. It involves taking pictures of landscapes.


This genre celebrates the human body. It involves photographing naked people.


This genre celebrates the act of photographing people. It generally involves the head and shoulders, but can also involve the whole body.


This genre of photography is quite demanding, requiring precise concentration and a fast shutter speed! It is used to obtain quality images for adverts, or as documentary, or to sell to the subject.

Travel Photography

Every image is a danger…  This genre photographs untrodden places, but every image reveals more of the world to the public, inviting more and more tourists to bring change and difference to the place…

 Wildlife Photography

This genre is rather self-explanatory, it photographs wild animals. By now, so many people have been involved with this genre and photogaphed almost all known animal species, so, these days wildlife photography is used to highlight the plight of endangered animals.