12 of the Best Free Christmas ecard Apps and Sites

One common thing that can be associated with the Christmas season is the giving of gifts and sharing of cards. But nowadays, this is really not the case. You could hardly see someone giving out a greeting card in a hardcopy format. But with the advent of e-cards, you could easily share with others your wishes and messages. Ecards are probably the easiest way of sending greetings and well wishes to your family and friends because you do not need to go through any form of inconvenience or stress before sending your greetings to them.

Curated in this article are some of the best free Christmas e-cards websites:

1. HabaNaija Ecards

Habanaija is a leading Nigerian platform for news, and entertainment targeted at creating Nigeria-based content for new Internet users and surfers. HabaNaija has various sections. The main homepage organized in a blog-like structure is where the main contents of the site can be found.

Subsequently, one of the features that can be found on the Habanaija site is the Christmas greeting e-card which happens to be among the best free Christmas e-card websites. Users can easily create a free Christmas card for their loved ones on this platform. To do this, you must go to Haba Naija’s free Christmas eCard and choose your preferred e-card. You can customize it with a Christmas greeting or message and send it to your loved ones through their emails or WhatsApp numbers.

Interestingly, Christmas eCards are not the only free eCards you can create on the Habanaija website. You can create and customize other eCards like birthday eCards or any other special event or occasion that may require a greeting card. Click here to send free Ecards on Habanaija

2. Hope Spring Charity Ecards

Hope Spring Water is known to be a water poverty alleviation charity organization. They assist communities who are faced with insufficient or no water challenges by providing Wells, constructing boreholes, or giving rainwater harvesting training.

Equally important, the Hope Spring Charity Ecard is a platform dedicated to raising funds for this Water Charity organization. This is achieved when an e-card is sent out from the website. The equivalent amount of the eCard sent is donated to the charity. Thus, all the proceeds gotten from sending an e-card are used for the charity organization’s main mission which is to provide clean water and sanitation to poor communities.

To send a Christmas e-card on this platform, all you need to do is go to their site and schedule the date you want your e-card to be delivered. Hope Spring eCards services accept your scheduled date and deliver it on the exact date.

Therefore, Using this platform is an excellent way for you to also be part of the project to help transform the lives of people struggling with something as basic as water poverty. Click here to send ecards on Hope Spring

3. Greetings Island

Greetings Island is one of the best free Christmas greeting cards. On this platform, you can personalize your free Christmas eCard with several layouts, input your message, and change the text styles, including photos, virtual stickers, and several other features. To share your Christmas eCard, you can send it through email, and then either print or download it.

Also, there is a premium version on the platform. Using the premium version means access to more designs and no ads.

4. 123Greetings

If you are looking for a website to get your free Christmas eCards, 123Greetings has a great selection of free Christmas eCards in various categories. You can send your free Christmas eCards to your friends via Facebook or their email addresses.

Furthermore, 123 Cards has the feature to customize your eCards with a personalized message. You can even add music to it and send the card immediately or schedule a date for it to be sent.

5. DoozyCards

Another great platform to get your free Christmas eCard is DoozyCards. DoozyCards is a family-based company with an extremely talented group of animators, voiceover artists, and writers. On this site, you get to choose from a wide distinctive selection of thoughtful and original eCards for every occasion.

In addition, DoozyCards also offers premium membership which includes a lot of benefits such as reminders and free tech support.

6. Blue Mountain

On this free Christmas e-Card website, you get to prepare your season’s greetings
ahead of time. You can browse the complete collection on the website and save your preferred ones to send later.

You can customize each card to suit your taste, likewise most of the other free eCards,

7. Paperless Post

Paperless Post has varieties of Christmas e-cards to select from. To access the free eCards, check through the website for the Free box and pick a style you want. In addition, the free Christmas e-cards are lovely and also pro-quality. You can choose any and customize.

8. Punchbowl

Punchbowl also has several free Christmas e-cards you can choose from and tailor to your desire. In the same manner, You can even personalize the virtual envelope the free Christmas e-card comes with.

9. Cardfool

CardFool is another top free Christmas e-card you can use to wish the people you care about a merry Christmas. CardFool is a community of top independent ‘cardists’ (artists) whose mission is to “make sending Greeting cards easy and fun”.

Consequently, with this platform, you can mint and mail your e-card within a few hours.

10. TrulyEngaging

Truly Engaging is an online stationery company that helps people and businesses share their unique messages with others in a personalized manner. Though not wholly dedicated to making Christmas e-cards or e-cards in general, you can make use of this platform to create and design your free Christmas e-card in high quality.

11. Kisseo Cards

Kisseo is one of the best free E-cards platforms that has been in existence for over 20 years. With Kisseo, you can design not just your Christmas E-cards but also other occasions that you may need an e-card.

12. 123Cards

123cards is another website for free Christmas E-cards with users in over 170+ countries. This platform has over 500 e-cards with various categories to pick from.


In essence, the Christmas season is one of the most wonderful periods of the year and a better way to make it even more wonderful and memorable is by letting your loved ones know you care about them. And a great way to go about this is by sending a Christmas e-card to them which can be gotten for free.