Fish Farming - Aquaculture in Nigeria
Fish Farming – Aquaculture in Nigeria

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This is a branch of aquaculture that deals with the production of fish under intensive management. The fish produce in fish farm are confined and managed in regulated environment. This could be ponds, lakes or concrete or plastic tanks.
Aquaculture in the intensive production of water plants and animals. This is in two categories

1, fresh water
a) Ponds
b) Lanes
c) Steams and river
d) Concretes plastics or polyester tanks
2, marine or a) sea b) lagoons.
For the purpose of this site we are to consider fresh water fish production. Fresh water animals of importance include fishes, shrimps, crabs of all, fish in the most popular.
Fish is a popular delicacy on many house hold tables all over the world. More than 70% of fish consumed annually is from the wild fishing or ocean fishing with sophisticate tanagers canoes and boats intensive fish production in supplementary, providing about 30% of the fishes consumed.

Fish production – the most common fishes produced under intensive management are the tilapia and clarias species. They are good source of quality protein, essential oil and minerals of high nutritional valve.
Farm location – fish farm should be sited where the source of water in constant and regular. Seasonal water in not suitable. The water should be free of pollution and available all year round.
Ponds should be ding to considerable size depending on the capital available and the size of the farm. Ponds should be dug to a depth which will keep the water level at a minimum of six feet. Lower level of water may be harmful to fish at summer for fish also need to hide when the rays of sun penetrates the pond.
Ponds ding with inlet and outlet channels to allow water to flow into the pond without allowing fish to escape into the wild.
Tanks – these are available in various sizes specially made for fish farming. All the necessary parameters have been considered and necessary fittings included in the makeup. They could be of plastic polyether or sometimes ceramics concrete tanks are also available as precast and fitted on the farm or casted on the farm.
In both ponds and tank the site should be adequately protected from predators like snakes, crabs, but more common the predatory birds like the king fisher, water ducks and egrets
To achieve this objective nets could be used to cover the pond or the tank.

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